SPINTIRES total sales reached and surpassed 100,000 units!

IMGN.PRO together with Oovee Games Studio is pleased to announce that SPINTIRES  total sales reached and surpassed 100,000 units on June 30th 2014!

SPINTIRES ™ – the ultimate off-road truck experience, which had its release on June 13th 2014 is already in the hands of 100,000 customers all around the world, in both – digital and boxed retail versions.

It took only 18 days from the release day to reach the mentioned, round number.

Global publishing, distribution and marketing of SPINTIRES ™ is carried out by the independent publishing company IMGN.PRO.

Bartosz Moskała, Co-owner of IMGN.PRO – “SPINTIRES was one of our biggest projects, and probably the most intense so far. Our goal was to elevate the game from indie to mainstream and to provide it with the best market visiblity and complete global distribution solution. Although it’s just the beginning of the road, the numbers speak for themselves already.”


Zane Saxton, Managing Director of Oovee® Games Studio – “The success of SPINTIRES has been prolific! I am very proud that my company and my team have fulfilled the wishes of many – by producing a game for the off-roading genre. Clearly this muddy adventure was a good choice and we will endeavour to improve the platform with free updates and DLC.”

SPINTIRES ™ is an advanced off-road transport game. Players have the opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel of different Soviet vehicles, completing missions focused around the delivery of a log cargo, to the point of their destination. The game takes place in scenery of a typical Russian wilderness from late 80’s .

Special focus has been put on the recreation of realism of driving off-road truck in various conditions.

Oovee® Game Studios – founded by Zane Saxton in 2008 is a British development studio based in the East of England, whose aim is to create unique and stimulating gameplay ideas.


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