Street Fighter 6 Review (PlayStation 5)

For this Street Fighter 6 Review, we play a game that represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter series! Street Fighter 6 spans three distinct game modes, including World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub.

Street Fighter 6 Review Pros:

  • Stunning graphics.
  • 54.30GB download size.
  • Platinum trophy.
  • Graphics settings – mode (performance/quality), fighting ground background object density, motion blur, and screenshake.
  • Subtitles option with background settings.
  • Uses the controller speaker.
  • Connects with Capcom ID (optional).
  • Three game areas – world tour, online multiplayer, and fighting ground.
  • Transfer PlayStation 4 save option.
  • Controller settings – three types (modern/dynamic/classic), five custom presets, button release input (on/off), rebind controls, reset bindings, and test the settings.
  • CFN (Capcom Fighters Network) is its own in-game system where you can follow and interact with other players. Clubs act a bit like clans and give out unique clothing, and you can see replays and leaderboards.
  • Fighting gameplay.
  • Avatar creator that goes into crazy detail and lets you tweak absolutely everything.
  • Supports multiple controllers connected at once so you could have a controller for all the hub and menu stuff and a stick for fighting.
  • Battle hub matches by two players sitting at an arcade cabinet. You can fight or spectate.
  • In the Battle Hub, you can see other players in real-time.
  • Battle pass system is going to be in the game and it shows what and how it will work with free and paid tiers and also shows off some of the tasks you will get in order to level the battle pass up.
  • Both in-game currency and real money currency.
  • Your avatar physique matters such as long limbs means you have a longer reacher, a thinner frame makes it harder to hit you, etc.
  • If you make an avatar in the battle hub or world tour then the avatar transfers over except you can still edit again.
  • World Tour has an optional tutorial section then goes for pop-ups as you play.
  • You can skip the cutscenes and fast-forward conversations.
  • World Tour is a completely new thing, you can free-roam the world, take on and complete missions and start fights.
  • Your phone is the system used for the menu and here you take missions, interact, etc.
  • The game world in world tour is fully 3D and you have a 360-degree camera control.
  • Characters in world tour have a difficulty level above their head.
  • Earn EXP in World Tour and level up to increase your stats and get skill points to unlock new moves and abilities.
  • Customize your phone.
  • Earn and buy new clothing items – hat, top, outfit, pants, shoes, and gloves.
  • Find loot chests in the world tour locations.
  • Combo counter.
  • Breakable objects in a fight.
  • Full photo mode.
  • World Tour does have bad guys who obscure their faces or have a red outline and will hunt you down.
  • The Battle hub has rotating games from Capcom past to play like FINAL fight or the original Street Fighter 2.
  • On a world tour, you can buy and earn soundtracks which can then be selected to act as background music.
  • Be one a student of a legendary Fighter who unlocks their fight styles, attacks, and moves.
  • Miles is like a currency in a world tour that you earn from fights, chests, and doing actions. You use them for continues in fights.
  • When using a legendary Fighters style the exp you earn goes towards earning new moves from the Fighter.
  • World Tour does throw in fights against multiple people at once.
  • Clothing can also increase stats.
  • The locations on the world tour are huge.
  • When you unlock a load of moves from Fighters you can mix and match them to your liking.
  • Bus stops are used as fast travel points within the world tour mode.
  • Find arcade cabinets in the game world and play them!
  • Arcade cabinet games do have some basic settings.
  • Boss fights in world tour are the traditional best of three fights.
  • Unlock new ways to expand exploration of the world like climbing and breaking items.
  • Mini-games can be found and replayed on the world tour.
  • Day and night cycle where enemies appear more at night yet daytime is easier enemies. (you change the time by resting at a hangout)
  • World Tours’ general flow and how the missions and interactions happen feel VERY Yakuza-like to me which is brilliant as they nailed it.
  • Unlock the ability to have a transmog meaning where you want and keep the stats/buffs.
  • Flight tickets can be found/earned on a world tour where you can then go to any unlocked locations in the world.
  • As you see people in the world tour mode you can hit first which weakens the enemy and gives you the upper hand.
  • Handy mission markers and icons.

Street Fighter 6 Review Cons:

  • No Capcom ID means no online play or other features.
  • World Tour and Fighting Ground are say seperate downloads and the game doesn’t tell you this plus they are under manage game content on the PlayStation 5 menu.
  • You only get the PlayStation 5 version.
  • On world tours, they use character models a lot.
  • Characters within the world tour just appear.
  • Not a huge fan of clothing having stats increases attached to them. This does get rectified later on but early on it’s a bitch.
  • World Tour only opens up if you play the main objectives because otherwise, you won’t get new abilities to use in the world.
  • The world tour mode does take a long time to get going as in being the Fighter you want to be or looking how you want to look.
  • Nighttime can get very chaotic and cause many annoying fight-after-fight situations.
  • Never sure when the world tour saves.

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Street Fighter 6:

Official website.

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Store Links – 


  • 9/10
    Graphics - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Sound - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Accessibility - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Length - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Fun Factor - 10/10


You are more than warranted to approach a new Street Fighter game with a bit of skepticism because let’s not forget how bad the last Streetfighter launch was, missing modes, lackluster change, and overall poor launch. Luckily all wrongs have been righted and Streetfighter 6 is a big return to the fighting genre and Streetfighter brand! They have added a new world tour mode which have you free-roaming the cities and starting fights, finding loot, and discovering the vast array of shortcuts and secrets. When first announced I really did think it could be a mess and not fun but that is not the case at all, World Tour was an absolute blast to play through as the mini missions and side objectives are just like Yakuza in both its execution and its wackiness. I really did like how they structured the mode as it meant you can play how you want and kind of just mess around but still progress. The fighting aspect did take some getting used to however as you needed to appoint the legendary fighters like Chun Li etc to mentor you and then you earn exp for them which in turn unlocks some of their signature moves. Sounds long-winded but you can be mentored by a number of fighters and with that you can fully customize the fighting and moves available to you meaning a new layer of fighter customisation. The online mode is a lot more fleshed out with clan-type support and a big battle hub where players sot at an arcade cabinet and fight whilst everyone else stands around and watches in real time, It harks back to a time when arcades were not just a thing bit also when gaming was the most in-person social. Streetfighter 6 is a celebration of all things Streetfighter and is truly the evolution of the fighting brands rising back to the top.

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