Sunflowers Review (PlayStation Vita)

For our Sunflowers Review we Take control of the Sun, grow the most beautiful flowers, and offer/send them to our friends or over Near. Sunflowers is a simple but incredibly addictive game: you control the Sun and have the power to grow beautiful flowers down on the Earth. Every flower grown during a game goes directly into your garden, and there are 330 flowers to collect in total! Available on both PlayStation Vita and iOS, Let’s see how this game fairs…

Sunflowers Review Pros:

  • Bright detailed cartoon HD graphics.
  • Platinum trophy.
  • East touch controls or use the buttons if you so wish
  • Loads of depth to an incredibly simple idea, As the sun you shoot rays of sunshine down, that pass through rain clouds which turn them into raindrops that you then use to grow the plants. Hit a storm cloud and you send a lightning bolt down and set your flower on fire. Miss with your sun ray and you will also set your flower on fire
  • Collecting flowers for your garden is quick and for the most part easy. Grow the flower to its full potential and then it added to your garden
  • The difficulty ramps up slowly and does a good job of it. You are to blame if you mess up, not the game. I
  • The backgrounds change as you play, animated and bright but at the same time non-intrusive and won’t wain your attention
  • Bonus areas are unlocked and played immediately in the game. You become the moon and must shoot your moon rays down onto the flowers while avoiding the storm clouds. The bonus meter slowly feels up as you collect flowers. Hit a storm cloud and your bonus run is over
  • You can send flowers to friends through messaging or by putting them up on Near. This is a great way to collect the more elusive plants
  • A simple case of the harder the level you play the rarer the plant you find
  • There are checkpoints to aid you in clearing the levels so you won’t have to start at level one every time
  • Two main sections of the game are there for your choosing. I like to look at it as two separate games. One is your standard garden with its own set of plants, while the second one is your tropical levels with yep you guessed it tropical plants
  • You have a section where you can view your flower collection whilst also allowing you to combine 2 flowers together to make a new flower. This is why collecting multiple flowers is not a bad thing and will keep you playing for a lot longer
Sunflowers Review

Sunflowers Review Cons:

  • The checkpoints whilst good is too far apart for the more casual player. reaching LVL 21 and 41 will grant you a checkpoint. After level 21 you may well struggle to level up fast enough to reach the next checkpoint.
  • Slight learning curve.
  • Not that replayable.
  • New enemies such as sand people il call them, and ice whilst you soon figure out what to do. The first time around you won’t know what to do and land up losing a life.

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In summary, this is a perfect casual pick-up-and-play title. It suits the vita really well and looks lush on the OLED screen. A part of me wishes we may see some DLC for new levels and plants in the future. The near function works and helps you more than other games. In short, do not be swayed into thinking this is a cutesy facebook looking game, It is a deeply challenging, and addictive game that is worth every penny. So do yourself a favor and add Sunflowers to your Vita today. It is also available on IOS and plays exactly the same minus the Near functions.
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