SWERY’s White Owls Announces New Partnerships for Its Debut Game

SWERY's White Owls Announces New Partnerships

SWERY’s White Owls Announces New Partnerships with Limited Run Games and the Boston-based Video Game Orchestra for its highly anticipated mystery RPG, The Good Life. The Good Life is the first title from Deadly Premonition and D4 developer Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro and his studio, White Owl, Inc, and G-rounding, a development team led by Yukio Futatsugi, the creator of Panzer Dragoon.

The Good Life is a debt-repayment daily life RPG expected to launch in the third quarter of 2019 for Steam and PlayStation 4. The game has already achieved over 40% of its Kickstarter goal in just one week, following a successful PAX East debut.
SWERY's White Owls Announces New Partnerships
Limited Run Games is producing a special physical collector’s edition of The Good Life that will include a Kickstarter exclusive box, the game disc, a Rainy Woods Tourist Guide, an art book, trading cards, an autographed postcard from the development team, and the incredible soundtrack CD being created by the Boston-based Video Game Orchestra
The Good Life’s Kickstarter has pledge options at every monetary level, starting at approximately $1, and offers backers myriad rewards, including digital concept art, special character outfits, and even an in-game dinner with SWERY! Anyone who pledges more than $130 will receive the Limited Run Games physical collector’s edition of the game.
Check out the brand new Let’s Play video for The Good Life featuring SWERY

About The Good Life

Naomi, a New York journalist with a ton of debt on her shoulders, has the plan to get her finances in check once and for all. She moves to “the happiest town in the world,” Rainy Woods, to photograph and report on the happenings in the town-but, not all is what it seems. Once a month, everyone who lives in Rainy Woods-now including Naomi-must turns into a dog or a cat. Live alongside the town’s kooky residents in this single-player open-world adventure, uncovering mysteries, building friendships, and climbing out of debt, one photograph at a time. But be a careful-each decision you make has lasting consequences in the fabric of the game and will alter the way the story ends.

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