Take your very first stroll through the hand-painted world of Book of Travels

Take your very first stroll through the hand-painted world of Book of Travels in the game’s first ever walkthrough video. Accompany Creative Director Jakob Tuchten in 30 minutes of gameplay as he explains character creation, trading, skill system and more.

Book of Travels is the latest game from Might and Delight, previously known for their successful Shelter games. Their latest and biggest yet IP is a TMORPG – a Tiny Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game – that allows players to experience a more personal and social roleplaying adventure in a vast game world. Book of Travels was Sweden’s most funded Kickstarter game of 2019 and is due for release in 2021.

Take your very first stroll through the hand-painted world of Book of Travels

A unique kind of gameplay
Book of Travels invites you to venture out into a living, breathing fairytale world – start by crafting a unique character and explore the open land however you choose. Travel the free wilds and vivid cities of the Braided Shore peninsula and wander deep into the layers of this hand-drawn world. Stumble upon its hidden places or unravel one of its many mysteries. There is no overarching goal and no real beginning or end, but for mortal characters the stakes can be high.

Character Creation – Choose a Form
Character creation differs from other fantasy RPGs in offering detailed and creative player input – a process designed to facilitate rich and characterful roleplay. Every character begins its life as one of a selection of Forms, each of which comes with a different gameplay orientation and skill affinity. With added choices of background, personality traits, skills, talents and appearance, Forms are designed to help players create an individual playstyle and enjoy a high degree of personal expression in their roleplay.

Trading – Haggling without Currency
Trade in Book of Travels has been designed as a key component of the player’s journey, scattering it with a range of trade-related activities such as finding, collecting and managing items. Currency is outlawed, so most legal trading is done by haggling for an exchange of items with merchants and other NPCs in the world.This process involves evaluating items based on their origin – items from other parts are higher in value than local goods and things from far flung areas are even greater in worth. But a player’s bag space is limited, and they’ll need to fill it with a variety of items if they’re to avoid making unfavourable deals.

Combat – The tense, heart-pumping moments before a fight
Book of Travels is a serene experience but it’s not entirely without conflict, and its combat system is designed with an emphasis on the tense, heart-pumping moments before a fight. Tension is built by way of a unique action which allows players to put a hand on their sword, showing readiness to fight. In a combat scenario, the player has a few crucial seconds to sense their opponent’s Force and Ward, the two major attributes used in combat. When facing-off like this, players must decide quickly if they want to draw or stand back.

Take your very first stroll through the hand-painted world of Book of Travels

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