Tamarak Trail Preview (Steam Demo)

For this Tamarak Trail Preview, we play a game that is a deck-building roguelike,v we’ll use a customizable dice set as you battle through randomly generated trails – full of loot, mysteries, and danger to protect inhabitants from the evil that has corrupted the trail. As a member of the Sturgeon Lodge: a secret society tasked with defeating a malevolent presence that has corrupted Tamarak Trail, it is your job to bring peace to all inhabitants.

Tamarak Trail Preview Pros:

  • Gorgeous storybook art-style graphics.
  • 2.8GB Download size.
  • Controller support.
  • Graphics settings – resolution.
  • One playable character – Detective.
  • World map level select.
  • Resolve is a regenerative resource that is used for playing attacks and abilities in battle.
  • Dice rolling can be manual or automatic.
  • The dice face dictates what you can do like attack or defence etc.
  • Cool-looking animations.
  • Turn-based combat.
  • End of Battle rewards is picked from one of three offers.
  • Collect cards that have attacks and abilities, you then customize your dice by putting these card powers into the dice.
  • Dice customisation is displayed as an unwrapped dice pattern and you drag and drop powers/cards.
  • Multiple choice encounters on the map.
  • Tutorial pop-ups as you play.
  • Simple controls.
  • Satisfying combat.
  • Excellent animations.
  • Death animations are really good.
  • Earn and use more dice so you can do more.
  • Roguelike gameplay.
  • At the end of every run. You earn exp and unlock new abilities, dice, and characters.
  • The journal keeps all found cards listed hear.
  • Great art.

Tamarak Trail Preview Cons:

  • A lot of the early game is just guesswork for what abilities do etc.
  • Combat can outstay its welcome in encounters.
  • The rolling of dice is cool as hell but it feels a bit unneeded because it has a small area and they don’t seem to roll a lot.
  • The Flow is a bit stilted.
  • Could have been a better experience having the tutorials and a practice fight all handled within its own set piece then you do a run.
  • Obviously, it’s a demo so no Steam achievements.
  • Only the one graphics setting.

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Tamarak Trail:

Official website.

Developer: Tamarak Trail

Publisher: Versus Evil

Store Links –

Steam Demo

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