Tarmac Terrors Speeds Into DiRT Rally

Codemasters today announced that the Tarmac Terrors free update has been added to DiRT Rally on Steam Early Access. From today, players will have access to the game’s first all-Tarmac rally at Baumholder, Germany, along with five classic rally-ready cars. This free update offersDiRT Rally players a completely different style of racing to test their skills to the limit and is the second in a series of free updates that will be regularly added during DiRT Rally’s Steam Early Access phase.

As a full Tarmac rally, Germany feels completely different to the other stages currently available in DiRT Rally and requires a different mindset to Greece, Wales or Monte Carlo. Stages are wider but conquering them is about fast sprints and picking braking point into junctions, with tight turns and chicanes through bails testing players’ concentration and skill.

In addition, the Tarmac Terrors update introduces a selection of cars that were famous for their prowess on Tarmac. The Lancia 037 Evo 2 was the last rear wheel drive car to win an event at World Championship level and the F2 Kit Cars were some of the most iconic cars in the late ‘90s that were especially quick on Tarmac, often giving their four wheel drive counterparts a run for their money. Codemasters has also added a new setup for all cars so players can maximise the available grip.

DiRT Rally

Jim Smale

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