Testament: The Order of High-Human Review (Steam)

For our Testament: The Order of High-Human Review, where we play a first-person single-player action-adventure game with bits of RPG and Metroidvania elements set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. It offers mixed combat with different possibilities and combinations by sword, spells, and bows while it is rich with platforming and puzzles.

Testament: The Order of High-Human Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 19.1GB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Action adventure gameplay.
  • Graphics settings – brightness, resolution, max fps, v-sync, sampling method, sampling quality, motion blur, graphics preset, anti-aliasing, shadow quality, effects quality, view distance, foliage quality, and post-processing.
  • Three difficulties – Easy, normal, and hard.
  • Controller settings – Invert axis and sensitivity sliders, can rebind controls, and set aiming sensitivity bias.
  • In-game cutscenes.
  • Subtitles setting complete with text size.
  • Excellent voice work.
  • First-person view.
  • Will get compared to Skyrim.
  • The compass at the top shows direction and mission markers.
  • The journal fills in and acts as a manual.
  • On-screen prompts and tutorial pop-ups.
  • Stealth is in the game and enemies get a bar above their head to show if they notice you or not.
  • Earn EXP and level up to get a skill point.
  • The skill tree unlocks new buffs and abilities and you spend skill points here.
  • You can see enemy health bars.
  • Can do stealth attacks and instant kills.
  • Breakable objects in the world.
  • Fantastic environment and world, it is so atmospheric and full of wonder.
  • Loot chests can be found as well as drops from enemies and breakables.
  • Insight is where you see loot chests, Collectibles, and enemy weak spots for a short time.
  • Discover beacons for fast travel.
  • Combat requires you to time and counterattacks.
  • The story, current predicament, and fighting are all narrated by your character.
  • Enemies have colored markers above their head that indicates their power level/difficulty.
  • A lot of platforming sequences.
  • When you die you go back to a checkpoint with all enemies still dead but the pickups reset.
  • Auto saves constantly.
  • Semi-open world feel.
  • The exp bar shows up every time you earn exp.
  • Puzzles throughout the game like the light deflection variants.
  • A radial wheel allows you to instantly craft and use items/buffs etc.

Testament: The Order of High-Human Review Cons:

  • Graphics settings have two entries for effects quality.
  • The menus are not that smooth with the controller.
  • Cannot change the button prompts so it’s set to PlayStation and I’m using Xbox for example.
  • No benchmark test.
  • Got stuck several times as the game wouldn’t always recognize button presses.
  • Had the game shuffle between controller button prompts for different consoles.
  • The performance is not great, especially in built-up areas or if a lot is happening.
  • Sluggish combat.
  • Everything has a hefty weight to it.
  • Changing weapons are two different buttons which is another little thing to remember.
  • You have to press a button to pick up anything.
  • Breakable objects all look the same by which I mean some are Breakable and some are not.
  • Enemies’ difficulty is just more health and harder hits.
  • The Ai pathfinding is a bit all over the place.
  • You cannot fast-forward or skip certain interactions and cutscenes.
  • Checkpoints are mixed as they can be common or far and between.
  • A lot of invisible walls.
  • Just had the controller flat-out refuse to do things and with the flashing of the button prompts changing it made a horrible user experience.
  • The general pacing is all out of whack with platforming sections going on way too long and the open-world style stuff is short.

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Testament: The Order of High-Human:

Official website.

Developer: Fairyship Games

Publisher: Fairyship Games

Store Links –


  • 7/10
    Graphics - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Accessibility - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Length - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Fun Factor - 7/10

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