The Last Hero Of Nostalgia The Rise Of Evil DLC Review (PlayStation 5)

Our The Last Hero Of Nostalgia The Rise Of Evil DLC Review has us playing a satirical action-adventure, brought to life by a twisted and wicked tale. Featuring hard but fair combat, *full character customization, unique battle armor, and engaging narrative mechanics rich in lore, Nostalgia plunges you into almost certain death at every turn.

The Last Hero Of Nostalgia The Rise Of Evil DLC Review

The Last Hero Of Nostalgia The Rise Of Evil DLC Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 6.2GB download size.
  • 1000 Gamerscore.
  • Character creator – name, skin color, body type, age, accessories, tattoos, nose width, eye style, Jaw width, endowment, and hairstyle.
  • Five classes – Datadin, Formatter, Resolutionary, sorcerer, and randomaster.
  • Excellent voice works on the narrator.
  • You play as a stick man.
  • Dark Souls-like gameplay.
  • You can hold a sword and shield or change your stance to go one-handed.
  • Breakable objects.
  • Messages on the ground act as a tutorial and helpful tips.
  • Highlight an item to get lore on it.
  • The menu layout is clear and clean. (it’s the Dark Souls menu structure in every way)
  • The controls are familiar and solid. (they are the same controls as Dark Souls)
  • Difficult.
  • Combat involves learning patterns and countering.
  • Hidden areas and routes.
  • Memory fragments drop from enemies and you drop these if you die but can retrieve them on your next life.
  • Like messages that are dropped.
  • Stamina-based system for attacks and actions.
  • Access is the game’s version of MP for casting spells.
  • You can
  • Invite your friends to join you for free in multiplayer if you own this DLC, Obviously, this means you are the host.
  • Full inventory system and loadout.
  • You start with the online play marker item.
  • Drop your own messages.
  • The DLC brings in all new bosses and enemy types.
  • Big boss encounters.
  • Enemy health bars show when attacked.
  • Beacons are where you can save, level up, tether icons, and fast travel.
  • The world changes as you light beacons, going from basic pixel graphics to more detailed areas as you progress.
  • This is a Dark Souls game but all the lore is game related from pixel graphics to memory fragments to nostalgia.
  • Good performance especially when breaking boxes and vases.
  • Multiple choice encounters.
  • Resting at beacons will reset all enemies.
  • Beautiful looking locations.
  • Play how you want.
  • The game is all about finding out the story yourself.
  • The luck and insight menus show what you get at every milestone/remember the moment.
  • Full stats breakdown.
  • Weapons can have a pixelated memory, when near their destination (which you don’t know) the weapon will vibrate and you can remember the memory to get a new ability for the weapon.
  • As you remember new relics/weapons you will gain permanent insight bonuses.
  • The weight of your armor and weapons can affect how fast you roll and run.
  • Possible to farm to level up.
  • Save and quit option.
  • At every corner it’s either death or humor, sometimes it can be a humorous death.

The Last Hero Of Nostalgia The Rise Of Evil DLC Review

The Last Hero Of Nostalgia The Rise Of Evil DLC Review Cons:

  • The dodging and rolling feel sluggish and spongey.
  • Cannot pause the game.
  • When you get hot the screen darkens and it’s very off-putting.
  • A lot to take in.
  • Has bad screen tearing.
  • No graphics settings.
  • Cannot rebind controls.

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The Last Hero Of Nostalgia The Rise Of Evil DLC Review

The Last Hero Of NostalgiaThe Rise Of Evil DLC :

Official website.

Developer: Over The Moon Games

Publisher: CoatSink

Store Links – 



A fantastic spin of the Dark Souls genre going for a more video game focus, The Last Hero Of Nostalgia is a parody of the genre and that doesn’t cheapen it for it still has the difficulties and complexities that other games have. I love how you start off as a stick man and as you go through you add armor that builds you out, the setting and the world is all just really inviting. It’s a souls game but it’s a lot more approachable and open to new players. Exploring is fun as it often rewards with new shortcuts or extra loot, you can level up and create your own character at beacons. Play how you want but yet still be challenged at every step. The boss fights are huge and yes they are difficult but honestly, it’s not as bad as the other games, the music is fantastic and the controls are familiar to veteran players and accessible to new players. I never got to try out the Co-op but I shall update accordingly. This is not intentional (well I don’t think so) but the game does have performance issues from slowdown to constant screen tearing that is somewhat annoying. The story is actually kind of cool because it’s not all death and darkness, instead, it’s game-related problems, it’s watching the world transform from a pixelated low res world into a highly detailed more modern take. No matter how you play you can get a lot of enjoyment out of The Last Hero Of Nostalgia and if you do struggle then you can always take on the smaller weaker enemies and level up a bit because once you start dabbling with magic and fast-rolling, it’s a massive game changer. I must say that personally this is a good one of those and I can see fans and newbies having a lot of fun. The devs knew what they wanted to do and executed it well, but please just take out the annoying hit animation blackouts that happen! I’m a nutshell Dark Souls Gamer edition is fantastic fun.

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