The MÖRK BORG spin-off PIRATE BORG Is Coming September 19

Avast Ye! Free League Publishing and Limithron today revealed that the scurvy-ridden MÖRK BORG RPG spin-off PIRATE BORG is set to be released on International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19. Inspired by history, fantasy, horror, and… rum. The pre-order is now up for looting at the Free League webstore and gives immediate access to the PDFs ahead of the official release. The game will also be available for a sneak peek at Gen Con.

Be aware, it is highly unlikely that your cutlass & flintlock will save you from the hordes of skeletons, the Kraken, or even your own crew…


PIRATE BORG is a game about being a greedy, filthy scoundrel. No prey, no pay. Find a ship. Recruit some crew. Raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer your weasley black guts out. Get a bigger ship. Kill some things. Upgrade your ship. Sneak into a fort. Raid a port. Acquire treasure. Bury said treasure. Become infamous. Search for someone else’s treasure. Flee in terror from unfathomable creatures from the deep. Drink all of the rum. Die on the high seas. Roll a new character and do it all again… For dead men tell no tales, better get a live one as fast as you can.

Included in the 166-page book are eight character classes, easy-to-learn naval combat rules, stats for 18 vessels, 80+ NPCs & monsters, 90+ system agnostic tables, and The Curse of Skeleton Point, a sandbox style adventure with eleven pirate-themed locations.

PIRATE BORG is written and illustrated by Luke Stratton, also known as Limithron, who is known for his pirate-themed battle maps.

About the game creator Luke Stratton

Luke Stratton, also known by his alias Limithron, has been fascinated with the Golden Age of Piracy ever since he first rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at age 4. Forced to find a new career at the onset of the pandemic, he built a Patreon following drawing pirate ship battle maps. He is the author and illustrator of the PIRATE BORG as well as Limithron’s Guide to Naval Combat for 5th Edition. Luke lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and an Ewok dog “Yogi”. When not sequestered in his wizard’s study, he can be found traveling the globe with his other professional pursuit as a concert lighting designer.


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