The Otterman Empire Has launched

The Otterman Empire Has launched title

The Otterman Empire Has launched and the action goes airborne in a universe where jetpack-propelled otters armed with water guns take to the skies for co-op and versus modes in an otter-this-world friendship-making – or breaking – party game.

In a galaxy far far away (from the earth) deep into otterspace, their lives are a colony of diverse species, living amongst the stars, a colony that is in imminent danger. Come to the rescue and take on Tiko’s challenging tech which will test your skills. Each world will bring with it a new challenge for you and your team, whether it’s a time challenge, waves of menacing minions, or an odd change in the weather, it’s otter madness!

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The Otterman Empire Has launched and the local multiplayer is launching with Steam Remote Play, with online functionality following shortly after for consoles. It also features a robust solo campaign to allow those impacted by social distancing to join the fight to stop the otterly evil, Tiko from destroying all of otterspace! The game is the first major release from the independent UK development team, Tri-Heart Interactive. The game was awarded an Epic Games MegaGrant in June of 2020. This passion project took 3 years – and 3 studio moves! – to create, it is a truly community-driven design; the team hosted monthly live events up until early 2020 to gather community feedback, and refine the nostalgic split-screen experience we all grew up with.

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