The Rapid Angel Released On PlayStation Network

MonkeyPaw Games Inc. today announced the European digital release of an action-packed Japanese classic, The Rapid Angel, on the European PlayStation Network. This release marks the first time that gamers will get to play the direct-from-Japan import.
The Rapid Angel is a charming beat-em-up styled platformer with a wonderfully voiced narrative similar to Japanese anime. Fans of side-scrolling action will feel right at home with the game’s arcade feel and surprisingly deep control scheme. Being a part of many upcoming titles to be available for digital download on the European PlayStation Network Imports section, the game is untouched from the original Japanese version. The classic side-scroller is available now at an affordable price of £3.99, €4.99 on the European PlayStation Network.
“We’re excited to bring another unique PlayStation classic like The Rapid Angel to European shores.Rapid Angel’s charismatic cast of heroines, stylish presentation and unique blocking control scheme remind us of classic arcade action,” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games. “We’ve always been enamored with entirely new gameplay experiences and this title truly delivers.”
About The Rapid Angel
The Rapid Angel is a combination platformer and beat-em-up action game featuring several heroines equipped with exceptional weapon and martial arts skills. The side-scrolling gameplay was one of the first beat-em-up titles of its time to highlight an intuitive control scheme that allowed for blocking attacks. Rapid Angel’s unique anime-style presentation and humorous situations also include voice recordings, which play a key role in the decision making elements of the game. A two-player co-op mode and secret characters help to complement the game’s high replay value.

Jim Smale

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