The Rogue Prince Of Persia Preview (Steam Early Access)

The Rogue Prince Of Persia Preview, Jump into this action roguelite installment in the Prince of Persia series as you flow between death-defying platforming and acrobatic combat as the Prince himself. Battle through the capital city repeatedly with one goal – find a way to save Persia from a Hun invasion wielding dark magic.

The Rogue Prince Of Persia Preview Pros:

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn graphics style.
  • 1.01GB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Graphics settings – display mode, resolution, v-sync, and fps limit.
  • Supports playing with a mouse and keyboard but a controller is recommended.
  • Can remap controls for both the mouse and keyboard and the controller.
  • Accessibility options – Colourblind support, vibration, screenshake intensity, dialogue text size, and item text size.
  • Roguelike action-platformer gameplay.
  • 2D perspective.
  • Maintains the elements of Prince of Persia like the ability to wall run and scale walls in the background.
  • Excellent soundtrack.
  • Spirit glimmer is the currency you earn from runs and is used to unlock new weapons on future runs.
  • Loadout consists of a weapon and a tool which is usually a ranged weapon, you can then add mods to weapons to change how they play and increase stats.
  • Character interactions bring the story notes.
  • Wells of dreams are plentiful and used to travel fast between the discovered ones.
  • The progress bar shows at the top of the screen when entering a new area.
  • Fast loading times.
  • The combat is fast-paced, you can do attacks in four directions, and particular attacks break shields and blocks.
  • Handy dash button for evading attacks and navigating bigger jumps.
  • Levels are quite big and do allow a lot of exploration.
  • You have a small area of movement of the camera to see a bit around you before dropping down or going up a level.
  • When finding a weapon a text pop up shows the weapon’s power number and the DPS figure. Uses a handy red and green color system to tell you if it is worse or better than the currently equipped.
  • One cool thing is you can kick enemies into each other to stun them or kick them I to spikes or off the screen.
  • Fluid animations make moving around and fighting a lot of fun.
  • Gets very addictive as you just keep looking for the next pickup or an item that could change everything.
  • When adding mods it tells you if it takes off or enhances the currently equipped mod.
  • Fall damage on enemies exists.
  • Meet characters in the world and sometimes they can go back and set up in your central camp.
  • In your central camp you can spend your spirit glimmer or upgrade weapons and more as you play, this is also where you always start new runs.
  • Find secret areas and loot chests.
  • Earn cash from enemies and spend during your run on items, buffs etc but you lose it all upon death.
  • Spirit glimmer can be dropped upon death unless you find the special glimmer fires that allow you to bank the glimmer on you at the time.
  • Every area you enter for the first time will have a fountain that gives a touch of health and replenishes your health potion.
  • Sacrifice altars give you the option to sacrifice health for a random reward.
  • The map for an area fills in as you explore.
  • Blueprints can be found and unlocks new weapons to craft at your main camp.
  • Puzzle elements in places and are usually rooms with a huge reward.

The Rogue Prince Of Persia Preview Cons:

  • The mouse cursor stays on the screen even when using the controller.
  • No voice work.
  • A lot of the rooms start to feel the same and it’s common early on to have the opening level looking the same over and over.
  • Combat can get so mashy and it’s hard to balance it all out especially when shields are part of it.
  • You can go a long time without any combat encounters.
  • You cannot break down unwanted items and mods for cash or glimmer.

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The Rogue Prince Of Persia:

Official website.

Developer: Evil Empire (

Publisher: Ubisoft

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