The Shooter Game Everyone Is Playing This Christmas

The Shooter Game Everyone Is Playing This Christmas

It’s that time of year again where we sit around a table and eat so much food that just looking at any food makes you feel sick. But the truth is that’s only half the tradition at this time of year, for the other side is what game will we binge on, what game is the reason for you staying in your room away from the family?

Below we tell you about the biggest shooters this holiday season and which one is worth your time and which will garner the most bang for the buck.

So what is the shooter game everyone is playing this Christmas?

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta:

Saying beta feels weird as the game allows all progress to carry over when the single-player part comes out, It’s very much a finished game but hey whatever it’s a beta then.


  • It’s free to play.
  • Available on Xbox Series S|X, Win 10 app, Steam, and Cloud streaming.
  • It has many many achievements and on Steam, you earn both Steam achievements and Xbox achievements.
  • It’s the fastest most robust Halo game yet.
  • Supports bot matches.
  • Custom game support.
  • Battle pass with both free and chargeable versions with the basic Battlepass unlock (you can buy an expensive version with 20 odd levels of unlocks instantly) it’s only £7.19p.
  • Cross-play between platforms.
  • Has big team battle 12v12 or the smaller more tactical game modes.
  • You can do challenges/dailies/Battlepass progress in bot matches as it’s you with randoms against bots.
  • The Academy area lets you practice, do weapon drills, and has a tutorial.
  • Special timed events.


  • It takes ages to unlock the Battlepass tiers/rewards.
  • Plays like all the other Halo games.
  • Prone to going offline at random times.
  • No rewards for owning the previous games.
  • The Battlepass rewards are just cosmetics, player plates. (not sure what you wanted but it’s worth noting)
  • A lot of microtransactions like exp boosts.
  • You don’t get a free challenge swap every day and instead have to buy the Battle pass or earn them from the pass.

Halo Infinite Beta Summary:

Halo is a good choice not only from a price perspective but also because it is a polished experience with a lot going on. I mean I have played every Halo and in terms of accessibility and multiplayer fun, I rate Infinite as one of the best (Halo 3 is still my King). New players can easily and quickly get in on the action and with so many platforms supported you can easily get a group together and if your PC can’t handle it, the streaming of the cloud games is a Godsend as it works really well (connection speed dependant).

Call Of Duty Vanguard:


  • Fast matchmaking.
  • Good improved campaign.
  • Familiar controls.
  • Has bot matches.
  • Fully integrated with Warzone. (Battle Royale free to play the game)
  • Full clan support and rewards.
  • Tight yet expansive locations.
  • More walls can be destroyed than before.
  • Peek and Mount walls.
  • All new killstreaks and guns.
  • Good for the solo lone wolf player.

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  • Little difference from last year other than the setting.
  • Current Battlepass is not an official Vanguard one so it has little in the way of worthy rewards.
  • The new end-of-match clips add nothing to the experience and instead add more time to the game loading.
  • Comms are genuinely loud, very loud.
  • Play of the game is rarely any good and sometimes doesn’t show anything.
  • Feels like a huge meat grinder where you just spawn die or spawn kill die over and over.
  • Killstreaks are overpowering.
  • Bot matches don’t go towards Battlepass progress or ranking up.
  • Can be hard to see the enemy.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Summary:

It’s another year so of course, we get a new entry in the Call Of Duty franchise. We go back to World War 2 and with that expect a lot fewer gadgets and fact guns and more boots to the ground grunt work. Being a Call Of Duty game you can expect fast matchmaking, the usual level-up rank system, Battlepass (both free and paid), and a much-improved campaign. The maps are more close quarters and have less of an emphasis on vehicles but it makes up for it with labyrinthian locations, game-changing skill streaks, and a pacing system that dictates player numbers. It’s not the strongest entry but it’s also not the weakest.

Battlefield 2042:


  • The futuristic atmosphere is fantastic from the locations to the tech to menus.
  • Change attachments on the fly.
  • Massive battles.
  • Plays as a more hero-based shooter.
  • Satisfying kill noise, the text that pops up is just pure eye candy and makes you feel badass.
  • More team-based and you can spawn on your team.
  • You can revive teammates even if you are not in the medic class.
  • All improved customisation from skins to attachments to melee animations.
  • You can airdrop vehicles in.
  • Guns all feel different but are meaty as hell to use with any attachment making a huge difference.
  • You can spot and mark the map quickly and set objectives for your teammates.
  • Some level of destruction.
  • Upon death, you always go into down but not out instead of instant death.
  • Familiar controls of the series.
  • Amazing game-changing weather effects are still spectacular.
  • Anything you earn from ribbons to kills to leveling up will bang up a cool graphic.


  • At the time of writing the lag makes it unplayable at times.
  • The Xbox One version running on the Xbox Series S is not the best looking or performing.
  • A lot of times things won’t load properly or pop up out of nowhere.
  • Has annoying end-of-game scenes like Cod that feel pointless and needless. To make it worse it has really cheesy one-liners.
  • Guns whilst good are really hard to use at first.
  • Menus are not the clearest.
  • It’s a lot to take in for a new player.
  • The destruction is not as good as it has been.
  • A lot of rubber banding.
  • They have dropped the traditional loadout and got for a more heroes-based approach.
  • It’s very much broken.
  • Doesn’t do the whole leaderboards thing that made Battlefield what it is.
  • Menus are horrible.
  • Nothing is clear in terms of load-outs and unlocks.
  • Only a few maps to play on.
  • No career progress in bot matches. (it was said that it would)
  • Doesn’t have a story/campaign.
  • Uses different modes than the traditional game modes.

Battlefield 2042 Summary:

Now here we go, whereas Call Of Duty is in the past, Battlefield is very much in the future, it has robot dogs, sentries, massive ships, and all sorts of madness. , What I like about Battlefield more than anything is the teamwork, the emphasis on getting the job done. If Call Of Duty was an arcade shooter, Battlefield is a simulation game. However, I would not recommend it, for at this time the changes and frequent online issues will hamper your experience plus they have taken a lot of what made Battlefield unique out of the game in order to make it popular/relevant. All you need to know is the actual core gameplay and modes are the biggest issues and will likely never change.


So there we have it, Three of the biggest shooters that will no doubt dominate your Holiday season, We may well add more so make sure to check back regularly or follow our Twitter for future updates.

What is The Shooter Game Everyone Is playing This Christmas?

Halo is pure and simple. It’s free it’s the game with the least bugs and it’s ridiculous fun from tight tactical battles to large-scale vehicular Mayhem. Next up would be Call Of Duty Vanguard if you had to buy a game as the actual shooting part is as solid as it ever has and is a quick-to-play game. As for Battlefield 2042, I cannot stress this enough, it’s broken and not Battlefield! They have taken away everything that made it Battlefield and smashed every popular Gimmick or idea from every popular shooter from the last five years and tried to make a game out of it. Even if they fix the connection issues, lag, and progression, the menus the modes, and everything will not change and it really is some of the biggest issues to face the series. I just don’t understand how you take a franchise that makes money, makes fans and you think yeah let’s completely change it, charge full whack and maybe fix it later if it goes wrong, it’s just not a good look having so many AAA companies shipping broken games in what I like to preach asThe Buy Now Play Later Mentality Needs To Stop.


I throw it off to you guys now, Which of these 3 would you play or will be playing? Sound off and Happy Holidays!

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