The Teslagrad 5E Campaign is coming! Try out the FREE Teslamancer class today

The Teslagrad 5E Campaign is coming! Try out the FREE Teslamancer class today

Teslagrad developer Rain Games is announcing a collaboration with Hit Point Press to turn the world of Teslagrad into a completely new experience! In this tabletop game, explore new classes and campaigns featuring the likes of the mighty teslamancer, and even more to come.
Just like in Teslagrad and World to the West, players can use the power of a Teslamancer in this 5e campaign setting! This class allows players to learn different aspects of the teslamancer power and unlock the true potential of a Teslamancer and their electric capabilities!  World of Chroma is set in the well known steampunk world of Teslagrad, and  lets players explore a campaign like none before!
Rain Games & Hit Point Press have developed a Teslamancer sample class that you can download and play here: 

Teslagrad’s unique environment and abilities fit perfectly in a tabletop setting, where players can use this exciting new skillset to create their characters and explore the world!

Hit Point Press are a team of ambitious creators from around the world with great knowledge and experience. The team specialize in making gaming accessories and campaign settings for tabletop roleplaying games with great successes like Humblewood and their Animated Spell card line.

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