The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Review (PlayStation 3)

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Review

This The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Review sees us trying to solve a case involving the theft of a priceless necklace. Having found the necklace and returning it to the owner, the owner then claims the necklace is a poor imitation, rumors flare up and all fingers of suspicion are pointed at Holmes. Follow this dark tale as Holmes seeks to find the true thief and clear his name. To what lengths will Holmes go?

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Review Pros:

  • Greatly improved graphics over the last entry, really detailed locations, and some next-level lighting effects
  • Amazing atmosphere, making you feel like you’re back in the late 19th century
  • Good dialogue and interaction with characters
  • Compelling story
  • Helpful hints for puzzles with a skip option
  • Puzzles are both challenging and varied, some are very clever indeed and will have you kicking yourself for not realizing the solution the first time around
  • A lot of freedom to explore towns and areas, allowing you to uncover backstories and find out some history
  • The story is a good size boasting well over 10 hours, even more, if you factor in your ability to solve the puzzles
  • Plot twists will keep you totally engrossed in this and will shock you when you least expect it
  • The game is a dark affair seeing you do things you may not think Holmes would normally do
  • Using Sherlock’s ability is helpful when looking for clues as it highlights important clues for you.

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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Review

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Review Cons:

  • A few instances where clicking to examine something results in my player automatically walking away from the item only to view it from a different room
  • Stuck animation such as going to open a door and I’m stuck running on the spot
  • The deductions notebook can be quite difficult if you missed a keyword in a previous conversation and you get no help while working it out, resorting instead to a try ’em-all mentality and praying for the best
  • No auto-save but you can save manually whenever
  • Watson can get on your nerves a bit. Could be me but he seemed pretty useless overall
  • Yes, you get a skip button for the puzzles but maybe a hint button would have been better. I had instances where I just needed the general gist of the puzzle
  • A few parts of the story are either really predictable or don’t quite feel right.

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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Review


In summary, I really enjoyed my time with Sherlock Holmes, the story keeps you interested and it almost plays out like an interactive movie rather than an out-and-out game. Showing Holmes’ dark side is not only refreshing but also a great insight into the workings of the great detective. If you are a true Sherlock fan then you will be happy with this. Players of the previous game will appreciate how much work went into the sequel and how the graphics engine has been ramped up.

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