TinyBuild reveals Road to Ballhalla, an Unreal Engine 4 roll playing game about rhythm and mockery

Lead your ball through beautiful but dangerous worlds in sync with the music. Avoid rhythmic traps and solve tricky puzzles while being guided by insidious floor texts. Complete quests and master secret areas to unlock awesome bonus contents. Roll faster than other players to beat their highscores in community-created levels.
Prove yourself worthy and you will be granted entrance to Ballhalla!

Road to Ballhalla (1)

  • Rhythm-driven Gameplay: Move with the music and learn trap patterns to overcome even the most difficult hazards, like rotating laser beams and huge antagonistic red glowing balls trying to crush you!
  • Dynamic Music and SFX: The dynamic music by award-nominated composer Nicholas Singer is tailored to the rhythm and style of each level, with sound effects to match the level’s music.
  • Community Features: Create your own challenges with the level editor or test your skills in those of other players by beating their highscores.
  • Secrets and Rewards: Find and solve extra-hard secret areas and be rewarded with awesome bonus contents like new skins, colors and effects for your ball.
  • Focus on Diversity: Rather than increasing the game’s length with filler material, each level has its purpose and unique gameplay elements to provide a compact and diverse experience.

Road to Ballhalla (2)

Coming to Steam in Spring 2016.
Developed in Germany by Torched Hill studio, Road To Ballhalla was originally known under the working title “Roll Playing Game”. Developed in Unreal Engine 4, the game is coming to Steam later this year. 

Jim Smale

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