Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.3 Review (Steam)

For this Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.3 Review, where we experience the epic conclusion of Toaplan’s legendary shooter series with Batsugun! Choose your favorite character and spaceship in this thrilling sci-fi adventure, featuring genre-defining bullet-hell action. Now on PC with modern enhancements!

Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.3 Review Pros:

  • Original graphics.
  • Download size –
    • Batsugun – 4.72MB
    • Fixeight – 4.45MB
    • Tiger Heli – 2.26MB
    • Vimana – 3.14MB
  • Steam achievements –
    • Vimana – 21
    • Tiger Heli – 16
    • Fixeight – 31
    • Batsugun – 42
  • Shmup gameplay.
  • Full controller support.
  • Each game is a seperate download and library entry.
  • handful of difficulties include modifiers like when to earn lives, starting lives, and attracting sounds.
  • Proper arcade experience.
  • Batsugun has two game versions – normal and special (upgraded graphics, color and is slightly easier).
  • Each game has seven locations (Japan/Eurooe/USA/SE Asia/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Korea).
  • Accessibility options for each game – auto fire, auto dodge, health, hit ox size, show hotbox, and rewind.
  • You can save and load when you want and set up quick saving and quick loading.
  • Record your gameplay option.
  • Audio settings – echo, reverb, low pass, frequency, high pass, order, frequency for high pass, and default.
  • Collect power-ups and upgrades for weapons in Batsugun.
  • Practice mode is available in each game.
  • It’s a huge nostalgia trip.
  • The music in each game is Chiptune greatness.
  • A lot of love and work went into these titles.
  • You can rotate the screen and also change the size of it.
  • In all games, you can change how the soundtrack works and which one is used.
  • Rewind works instantly in all games.
  • Save replays.
  • Accessibility options allow you to have things like auto dodge, hit ox size, auto fire etc.
  • Fixeight is a shooter like Ikari Warriors and has 8 playable characters all with unique weapons.
  • Fixeight has a cool gimmick of many power ups and stepping on a vortex spins you around and grants weapon changes.
  • In Fixeight you can have your bullets and lasers bounce off the walls.
  • Tiger Heli is a lot older than the others and has that arcade MAME feel to it.
  • In Tiger Heli you can blow up vehicles and buildings.
  • Tiger Heli is a lot more of a challenge as your bullets have a range and you don’t get as much freedom.
  • Vimana is the sheer definition of an arcade Shmup from its visuals to familiar gameplay.
  • Each game houses its own online leaderboards.

Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.3 Review Cons:

  • Is not a package where you have access to all the games in one place.
  • The tutorials are just border art.
  • A lot of cheap deaths with the enemy shooting you offscreen.
  • The screen settings never seem to stay saved so you have to configure them every time.
  • You don’t get any history or anything with the games.
  • In some of the games, it’s really hard to make out enemy projectiles.

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Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol.3:

Official website.

Developer: Bitwave Games   The Toaplan Museum

Publisher: Bitwave Games  The Toaplan Museum

Store Links –


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