Trident’s Wake Launches into Early Access TODAY

Join the fight to save mankind and help shape future game content by grabbing Trident’s Wake today in Steam Early Access (PC) for $14.99 USD. Developed by Bacus Studios and published by Graffiti Games, Trident’s Wake is a procedurally-generated, co-operative twin-stick shooter where players control and customize mechanized chassis, called Sentinels, to fight an unknown alien force.

To celebrate Trident’s Wake’s release, the game is available with a 30% launch discount and can be purchased at

Set in the year 2350, players take control of Sentinels, mechanized chassis built specifically to house human consciousness, in order to join the resistance and battle to ensure humanity’s survival. With both online and local multiplayer, up-to-4 players can join together to save the remnants of mankind, which have taken refuge in a colony ship called Trident – civilization’s last bastion of hope. The Trident, however, has been overrun by an unknown alien force and it’s up to players to customize their Sentinels with deadly firepower and work together to save their society from annihilation.

“Players will encounter a very polished game where they can partake with friends in a robust online battle against an alien enemy,” said Ignacio “Nacho” Baldini, C.E.O. and Founder of Bacus Studios. “During the coming months, we’ll be adding new features to Trident’s Wake that are based on player feedback in order to provide the best co-op twin-stick shooter experience possible.”

Check out the gameplay trailer:

Trident’s Wake features include:

  • A variety of Sentinels to choose from, each with a unique ability and set of attributes that cater to different playstyles
  • Procedurally-generated missions
  • Customizable Sentinels
  • An engaging progression system, which rewards players with new weapons, abilities upgrades and even new Sentinels
  • A wide array of weapons and abilities that add strategic depth to each mission and complement all play styles
  • Weapon customization. Tinker with weapons until they are just right. Players can even favor one attribute at the expense of the others
  • Weapon upgrades: Because there’s no such thing as “too much firepower”
  • Fully cooperative gameplay


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