Victor Vran | Road to Release

Indie Game Victor Vran,indie games,first look,steam games

Victor Vran, the rising star of the action-RPG genre, is getting closer to its late-July 2015 release. Developer Haemimont Games has confirmed a regular series updates for the Early Access version of the game in the run up to launch, adding more content and many new features.

The first of this new wave of updates starts tomorrow, June 11th 2015, and here’s what you can expect from Haemimont Games in the coming weeks:

Indie Game Victor Vran,indie games,first look,steam games
Are you a warrior or a craftsman? Create the perfect weapon, outfit and destiny card for your character by combining items in the Transmuter.
Do you need a bigger challenge? Try your skill in the new Hard Mode and complete the all new Elite Challenges available after you’ve completed the main story campaign.
Are you in for the loot? Complete Bounties and Treasure Hunts for piles of loot. These rare items can be shared with the community so keep an eye on the forums and share the Treasure Keys you find with the world – your fellow huntsmen will be grateful.
Have you perfected your skill and equipment? Test your character against other players in the PvP area for endless fun. Each frenzied round of free-for-all is only 15 minutes.
Elegant weapons for more civilized Hunters. Check out our new legendary weapons and find the one that is just right for you.
Indie Game Victor Vran,indie games,first look,steam games 
These are only a part of the exciting new features and content updates that players of Victor Vran will enjoy before the official release. There is even more to come: story cut-scenes, voiceovers, translation into multiple languages, increased max level from 20 to 50, new zones and dungeons, Steam cards and achievements.
Victor Vran will be released late-July 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux.

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