Wander Stars unveils new story reveal trailer

One Piece meets Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure in this anime-inspired RPG where your words are your power


Wander Stars, developed by Paper Castle and published by indie label Fellow Traveller, debuted its Story Reveal Trailer during this weekend’s PC Gaming Show. Wander Stars is a tactical-meets-narrative title that is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch.

In this turn-based RPG inspired by iconic anime, combine your words to create powerful moves and become a Kiai master. Befriend your rivals, uncover dark mysteries, and seek out the pieces of the Wanderstar map with Ringo and Wolfe in an action-packed race across the universe.

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Drawing inspiration from anime, including iconic shows like Dragonball Z, One Piece and Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, Wander Stars has a striking visual style and nostalgic episodic gameplay that will strongly resonate with players who grew up watching anime after school!

The trailer was revealed as part of the PC Gaming Show. A demo for Wander Stars is available on Steam, where players can also wishlist the game.