Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus Gameplay & Enemy Revealed

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Kasedo Games are excited to announce that a first look at Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus was revealed at GDC last week showing off gameplay from the upcoming turn-based tactical game for PC, Mac & Linux.

The publisher, in connection with developers Bulwark Studios, are also pleased to reveal that the Adeptus Mechanicus troops will face-off against the skeletal forces of the Necrons as their quest for technology and knowledge intensifies on the planet of Silva Tenebris.

In the first gameplay to be shown since its announcement last month, members of the press were shown how players will select their team of Tech-Priests on the Ark Mechanicus battleship ‘Caestus Metalican’ and upgrade them with a wide array of augments before embarking on their chosen mission.

Press were also shown an example of a vast and treacherous Necron tomb with the unique exploration and combat mechanics within the tactical turn-based gameplay also on display.

Players will come up against a variety of Necron forces in Mechanicus. Remorseless Necron Warriors, ghoulish Flayed Ones and the gauss cannon wielding Immortals will be just a few of those on display at GDC who stand in the way of an Adeptus Mechanicus victory. Fight back using high-tech Ad-Mech weaponry such as the Valkite Blaster and Eradication Ray or use Servo Skulls, Servitors or Skitarii to join you in battle and gain the tactical edge.

Players can wishlist Mechanicus on Steam now.



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