Watch the Second World of Warcraft Warbringers Animated Short: “Sylvanas”

The march toward World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth continues with Warbringers: Sylvanas and War of the Thorns: Chapter 2!

Warbringers: SylvanasBlizzard Entertainment is excited to present “Sylvanas,” the second episode of our new Warbringers series of animated shorts about three iconic leaders with crucial roles to play in the coming Battle for Azeroth.

Sylvanas Windrunner, warchief of the Horde, leads her forces to victory against the night elves of Darnassus and moves to conquer their home: the great tree Teldrassil. But a chance encounter with a dying young ranger who questions her motives and tells her that she cannot win the war she is truly fighting—a war on life itself—leads Sylvanas to make a decision that will change the course of history on Azeroth.

Watch “Sylvanas” now.


War of the Thorns: Chapter 2

Log in to World of Warcraft now to play War of the Thorns: Chapter 2, part of a limited-time in-game quest series that continues the story of the Horde’s march toward Teldrassil.

The War of the Thorns content is available only until the launch of Battle for Azeroth, so players should be sure to experience it—and claim the Smoldering Reins of the Teldrassil Hippogryph (Alliance) and War-Torn Reins of the Undercity Plaguebat (Horde) mount rewards waiting at the end of Chapter 2—while they can.

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