Whats On Nintendo eShop This Week 27/2/2014 EU

This Thursday Nintendo are releasing a slew of new games onto both the Wii U and 3DS eShop. Darksiders 2, Knytt Underground and Castlevania Mirror Of Fate receive a price drop, SENRAN KAGURA Burst’s onto 3DS eShop and much more.  Read on for what to expect on the EU eShop update on Thursday 27th February.

AeternoBlade 3DS Download:

In the region of Awelsia, vengeful Freya travels with an unknown weapon called “AeternoBlade” to take revenge from Beladim, the Lord of the Mist who destroyed her village, Ridgerode, and killed her tribe. Her vengeance is helped by Vernia , who has as much merit as Beladim. Vernia taught Freya about the ability of AeternoBlade. Freya has to venture in many world dimensions to find how to annihilate Beladim. What is AeternoBlade? And how can Freya take revenge from Beladim? Solve tons of mysteries in her adventure!

Price:  €14.99 (£13.50)

The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths 3DS Download:

Play Esteban, Zia and Tao through numerous tricky levels full of puzzles, traps and infiltration phases in a wide variety of diverse gorgeous settings. Explore every nook and cranny of China, and escape Zarès’ hostile men,
searching for the local City of Gold.

Price: €14.99 (£13.49)

SENRAN KAGURA Burst 3DS Download:

Enter a world filled with beautiful ninjas destined to break down the barriers between good and evil! Play two different storylines, each with its own perspective. The girls of Hanz� believe they fight on the side of
righteousness, but are their methods always right? The girls of Hebijo are mercenaries to the highest bidders,
but what if their motives aren’t as clear as they seem?

Price:  €34.55 (£29.99)

Jewel Quest Mysteries 3 3DS Download:

Join Rupert and Emma in Jewel Quest Mysteries as they traverse the ruins of ancient Egypt! Mystery reigns and only a keen eye can help you.

Price: €11.99 (£10.79)

EvoFish Wii U Download:



Set off to conquer the vast ocean with Evofish! Evolve from prey to predator in the immensity of the seas,
and progress to the top of the food chain! Survive against an increasingly dangerous host of enemies and evolve one of the 4 heroes by eating the weaker fish. Become the most fearsome predator in this hostile environment – enjoy hours of gameplay fun as you work your way up to be the master of the ocean. In Party mode, compete against or collaborate with 2 – 5 players in one of the 3 multiplayer modes in long and thrilling gaming sessions with friends!

Price:  €3.99 (£3.59)

Wario’s Woods™ Wii U Download:


The Peaceful Woods were once a safe haven for all gentle creatures…until Wario turned up. Now the place is swarming with monsters, and only Toad can clear up the mess! Wario’s Woods is a fast-paced puzzle game in which Toad must line up bombs and enemies into rows of matching colours. Clear enough sections of the forest to go up against the mighty Wario himself!

Price: €4.99 (£3.49)


On Sale:

Darksiders® II Wii U 


(£31.99) until13/03/14
23:59 UTC. Regular price is €49.99 (£39.99)

Knytt Underground™-Wii U


(£3.99) until06/03/14
23:59 UTC. Regular price is €8.99 (£7.99)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate-3DS


(£19.99) until06/03/14
23:59 local time. Regular price is €44.99 (£39.99


Permanent Price Drops:

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist-Wii U


was €44.99 (£36.99)

Just Dance® 4-Wii U


was €39.99 (£29.99)

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