Yakuza 5 Not Coming To These Shores, Claims Sega Rep At Pax

I personally love the Yakuza series, And with 5 being released way back last December in Japan, I kind of lost hope of ever seeing it over here. Well an avid fan from Yakuza Fan approached a SEGA rep at PAX to try to coax some information out of him. Choosing his words carefully, The rep basically said that it doesn’t have a big enough following and the escalating costs of localisation, Mean there are no plans to bring the game to these shores.

Brief excerpt:

Unfortunately he said that there weren’t very many fans like me, and if they did decide to localize it would be a long time before we would see the game released here in America. In addition he specifically admitted that the lengthy localization process would not help. However, the way our conversation happened and the way the rep carefully chose his words, it seems like there are bigger issues.



As a huge fan of the series, This news saddens me and now has me looking into learning Japanese! The way in which the conversation went, You still hold on to that small glimmer of hope that it may still happen. But it is SEGA and they have the power and boy are they using it. What this means is a PlayStation 4 version of any of the games could be a no go. Course you never know we may get a HD HD remake or something?

SEGA we want this game!

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