10 Playstation Remasters We Would Love To See Make A Comeback

10 Playstation Remasters We Would Love To See Make A Comeback

Remasters have had a lot of kickback in the last few years, For me, it felt like it all peaked when the PlayStation 4 came out, With little launch games we had to rely on remasters of old games to pass the time. Fast forward a generation and we are still having to play older games before we get all the true next-gen titles. I’m making it sound like a bad thing but it’s fine as long as the remaster or remake is better than just a lick of graphical paint. Having seen so many bastard remasters and remakes and justifications for their existence I’ve decided to compile a list of games I would like to see. The plan here is to get these released so it triggers a new game to be developed!


10. Ridge Racer 7

Still hands down one of the best racing games to grace a console. It was a Playstation 3 exclusive and it nailed everything that made Ridge Racer what it is. Combining the music of all games, tracks, and locations we were treated to such a thrill. Put it this way, the game is so old it didn’t have trophies because they were not mandatory back then and despite them coming in, Ridge Racer 7 never got trophy support!

9. Tokyo Jungle.

One of the more whacker choices on the list. Tokyo jungle was a game where you start off as an animal like a dog, and you would roam the derelict war-torn streets of Tokyo looking for food and maybe a bit of love. You would have to obey the food chain as predators were everywhere. Humans had not been seen in years so its time to Rude Dog and the Dweebs your ass around town. It offered many ways to play as you could unlock new animals to play as, you could get jiggy with it and become your offsprings, find watering holes to make home and so much more. It was and is a Playstation 3 exclusive all though they did revive the series a few years later on the PlayStation mobile games incentive (remember that!?) it was a more condensed experience and offered a different take it has since been delisted. A new game or remaster would be awesome especially with new areas or a multiplayer element.

Honorable mention-God Of War Collection.

We have had these before but never have we had the collection were by it has all the PSP games in there as well. Currently, you can play a remastered version of 3 but the PSP versions were the de facto experience, or to put it another way, It’s a group of games that gamers may have missed out on previously. A full bundle of games just makes money I mean sense.

8. Monster Hunter.

With Monster Hunter World introducing a new generation of gamers into the world, It would be awesome if we could get a remaster or hell just a re-release of the older games. Can’t see Tri coming over as I’m sure that was a Wii exclusive but we could easily get Freedom Unite (already on PSP) or event the rather excellent Portable 3rd which launched exclusively in Japan on PSP and then got ported to the PlayStation 3, Sure these games are different from World but they are stone-cold classics.

Honorable mention-Unit 13.

A Playstation Vita exclusive, this game came out quite early in the Vita life. It gave us an arcade type approach to games like Ghost Recon or Rainbow six. It had a repeatable story mode that was broken into chapters and a solid fun multiplayer. It incorporated a lot of the Vita functionality so that would need addressing but it was a solid little title.

7. Warhawk.

One of the first games I played on the PlayStation 3, This game bought a whole new meaning to vehicular combat, it had space ships, tanks, turrets, bikes, boats, and god knows what else. All I remember is it was a lot of fun every time. Reminded me of the early days of Halo 3 in a weird way.

6. Killzone Mercenary.

Playstation Vita exclusive, For me, this is an underrated title. It had a really good story and excellent online play. I doubt it would need much touching up as it looked stunning on the little old handheld. I mean they could just do a Killzone collection and combine all the mp maps together but let’s not get greedy.

5. Katamari Forever.

Again a Playstation 3 exclusive, Katamari Forever took all the good levels (so basically all of them) rolled them up into a disc and it sold like hotcakes, It’s quite rare to find a copy of the game now for cheap. It’s one that is always fondly remembered.

Honorable mention-Soul Sacrifice.

A dark Gothic adventure game, it took characters from fairy tales and turned them into bloodthirsty Lovecraftian looking beasts. You played as someone who could heal or sacrifice your victims which would then shape the type of character you could build. You would be able to take enemy attacks and use them etc. It originally came out in Japan only on Vita then came over here with a sequel Soul Sacrifice Delta so a remaster of these two together would be excellent and a good fit.

4. Heavenly Sword.

An action-adventure game that looked every bit as gorgeous as well as it played. Again it never landed up getting trophy support so that ages it for you. OK so it’s on Playstation Now but who cares, with the many locations and vistas the game offers we need that shit in HDR 4k type magic.

3. Motorstorm Collection.

I’m talking the original Motorstorm, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Apocalypse, the PSP only Arctic edge which rose to fame by being the game needed to backdoor hack the Vita and even Motorstorm RC. These games have always stood the test of time for showcasing outlandish arcade racing in tropical locations. Once thought to be a flag bearer for the PlayStation brand, It has not been heard from since the Vita launch with Motorstorm RC.

2. Socom series.

Made by the same team as MAG, Zipper created a technical shooter for the ages. I remember just how much fun this was, It was like the original Rainbow six games where it was all about stealth, planning, and communication. Rumors have floated about the place about number 2 getting a remaster but that’s as old a rumor as the game itself. We need a game like this if only to bring the competition to Rainbow Six or your Ghost Recons. I mean it was a Playstation 2 game and came with a headset so you could give voice commands and get callbacks on your headset! I mean it hated the Bristolian accent and hardly ever picked up my voice but it was so advanced and cool. Imagine what today’s tech could do!

Honorable mention-Haze.

Yep, you read it right, Haze, The game rated the worst video game ever released except possibly ET but even that’s debatable. Could you imagine how funny it would be if they a) released Haze again or b) spent more money on Haze.


Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by this but Massive Action Game or MAG for short is one of my favorite games of all time. Boasting a record-breaking 256 players in one match, MAG put the massive in massive online multiplayer shooters! Sure it looked horrible and the graphics were not exactly up to PlayStation 3 standards but the tech employed to get 256 Motherfuckers running around, you forgave it. It was ahead of its time and I still believe we haven’t had a game push the envelope as much and done as much for the genre as MAG. Technology has advanced so much that a remaster could mean either matching the player count or exceeding it, making it look better and add cosmetics, etc.


So there you have it, 10 amazing games that would be excellent candidates for a remaster on the new generation of Playstation. What do you think of the list? Do you agree or disagree? Think we missed a game off the list or are there games on there you have never heard of before? Sound off below in the comments and let the world know!

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!