8BitDo Ultimate Controller Review (Nintendo Switch OLED/Android/PC)

For our 8BitDo Ultimate Controller Review, we go hands-on with the Ultimate Wired Controller that promises to give you more ways to play. The custom profile switch button holds 3 custom profiles that can be switched on the fly. With an enhanced grip, Ultimate Wired Controller allows you to hold the controller with even less effort. But let us get on with the show now that the blurb is out of the way.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller Review

8BitDo Ultimate Controller Review Pros:

  • Sleek easy to hold design.
  • Ultimate software where you can tweak – remap buttons, sticks can invert both X and Y axis, sensitivity slider, and swap sticks. Swap triggers and sets the sensitivity of each individual button. Vibration strength for left and right motors. Setup Macros.
  • 3 profiles can be set with an easy swap profile button on the controller.
  • The ultimate software has Windows PC and Android platforms.
  • Software update website.
  • Device test option.
  • Reset the factory settings option.
  • Calibrate the device menu.
  • Excellent d-pad.
  • 2 paddle buttons to set up.
  • Wired USB cable hard-wired in.
  • Has a decent weight to it.
  • The bumpers have a slight curve making them comfortable to use.
  • Updating and remapping the controller is painless and easy to use.
  • The ultimate software has a handy update controller website link.
  • The funny thing is I like how the box is well packaged and minimal so the controller always felt safe and secure within it.
  • Feels good to use.

8BitDo Ultimate Controller Review Cons:

  • The cable is ridiculously small for players who use a TV screen for a monitor or who like to sit a decent way away from the screen.
  • Had a fair amount of hassle with using the controller with the Nintendo Switch as it would lose its connection and I have to unplug and replug it back in as I boot a game then it is fine.
  • Wired controllers are less than ideal when used with a mobile.
  • Doesn’t say Xbox support on it but it uses the Xbox button colors and layout.
  • On the Nintendo Switch, it doesn’t offer motion control, Amiibo support, etc.
  • You need a PC in order to mess around with all the software and gimmicks.
  • The instruction manual is just a huge sheet of paper folded up with like two paragraphs of English instructions.

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8BitDo Ultimate Controller Review

8BitDo Ultimate Controller.

Manufacturer: 8BitDo

Store Links – 

Official 8BitDo website


First impressions are positive the controller has a hefty weight to it, it feels expensive and has curves in all the right places, and the button pushing is tight. No this isn’t my dating profile leak, this is just how good the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is for it may be wired but offers a lot. You have three profiles to set up and that is a game changer when you dig into it, having the ability to change profiles with one button press means it’s never far away. The software is clean and clutter-free allowing you to effortlessly set up and map the controller to how you want or upgrade the firmware. My real gripe, the first one at least is a personal one really. The cable that is hard-wired into the pad is short, painfully short for me as I cannot even use the pad with my PC or Switch comfortably, and instead, I have to bust out the bean bag and go as close to the screen as I did when I played Atari in the 80s. Of course, you can use USB extenders but out of the box, it is short and fine for PC monitor combos, but casual gaming poses a few problems. The second issue is I had a lot of problems getting the pad to work nicely with my Switch. After a few minutes, the left stick would only have like 50 percent of its directional control, after a lot of testing and resetting I found if I turn the pro controller setting off on the console itself and then plug the pad back in it then it usually stayed working fine until the console was power cycled. Again it was just annoying and I had to get the review done so my hitlist of possible fixes took longer I did get it to work and it was fine, well the controller itself is comfortable and fun to use buuuuut it had no Nintendo Switch functions like gyro/motion and Amiibo so that’s a bit of a letdown. If you are in the market for a controller and sit at a desk then the Ultimate Controller is one of the best budget professional gamepads on the market. It’s a good make-do controller for the Nintendo Switch and the Android part is alright if your setup allows it and you have the necessary parts to plug it in. The d-pad mind, that thing felt just like the NES d-pad did back when d-pads were reliable and good. The comfort cannot be knocked and nor can the accessibility and customisation options be mocked, the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is excellent but only in the right situation.

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