A Twisted Path To Renown 1899 Preview (Steam Early Access)

A Twisted Path To Renown 1899 Preview, a hardcore, online PvEvP extraction-based MMO first-person shooter with immersive survival mechanics, a highly detailed crafting system, and a player-driven economy based on the homestead.

A Twisted Path To Renown 1899 Preview Pros:

  • Beautiful highly detailed graphics.
  • 10.87GB Download size.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, windowed mode, graphics preset quality, DLSS, model quality, texture quality, anisotropy, shadows, contact shadows, global illumination, screen-space reflections, and volumetric fog.
  • Mouse and keyboard settings – Invert axis and sensitivity sliders, remap controls and set up hold for aim and hold for lean.
  • First-person shooter gameplay.
  • Extraction shooter whereby you go in get quests done, kill or avoid other players, and then find an extraction point on the map.
  • Recruitment lets you choose who to play as – every character is randomized and unique from vitality to strength, reloading, etc. Each has a price and their stats help dictate the value.
  • Quests help break you in but also give out rewards, they have a handy auto-fill button for when you have to deposit items.
  • Invite system.
  • Earn Renown and level up to unlock new modes, Weapons, and things like auction houses.
  • Roster lets you house all your recruits in one place and you choose which one to play as.
  • Three raid destinations – Arizona Forest, Tennesse Hills, and Mountain Riffs.
  • Amazing atmosphere of the mid-West.
  • When a character dies they are gone forever.
  • you can sell or buy items and gear from other players online.
  • You can loot enemies with a drag-and-drop system that highlights slots in green if the selected item is compatible.
  • The game offers pistols, rifles, and even bows and arrows for combat.
  • Beautiful memorable locations.
  • When choosing a raid location you can select which region to join.
  • Has a lot of potential.
  • I personally think it needs a few chunky updates to refine mechanics, controls and smooth out a lot of the little niggles.

A Twisted Path To Renown 1899 Preview Cons:

  • Doesn’t support a controller.
  • No Steam achievements.
  • The graphics menu doesn’t have a benchmark test.
  • No actual tutorial outside of a few vague quests.
  • Guns take some getting used to, especially in how they reload and how much range they have.
  • The game struggles to immediately set up the premise of the game and set out its identity. It has a lot of cool mechanics and systems like crafting and building but honestly, it just plays as a shooter.
  • The AI is way too good at shooting.
  • Getting and using med packs is slow and kind of pointless.
  • You can go on many runs without earning or learning anything.
  • The movement and gunplay are very stiff.
  • It’s all very overwhelming.
  • The menus are very chaotic, the load-out screen especially is just grids of items.

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A Twisted Path To Renown 1899:

Official website.

Developer: GAME LABS (game-labs.net)

Publisher: GAME LABS (game-labs.net)

Store Links – 

Steam Early Access

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