Action platformer WarriOrb heading to Steam Tuesday, April 28

Play as a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely body – a talking ball with agile limbs – in this Soulsborne-inspired jaunt where death is the least of your worries …

Can you fend off other demons, menacing giants, slimy mutants – and even the occasional “mimic-esque” chest to retrieve your original body? There’s only one way to find out!

WarriOrb is all about regaining your freedom – and your original demonic form. After all, you are the Spirit of the Unknown, forced into a pathetic ball body and blamed for the failure of a Very Important Summoning Spell – one that was supposed to bring the Wizard’s daughter back to life (but didn’t). Now it’s up to you to find another way to resurrect her …

Such is life.

  • Explore a tragic story of loss and despair told as a comic escapade.
  • Run, jump, bounce, and roll your way to freedom.
  • Marvel at the fact that everything is out to get you.
  • Challenge your skills and reflexes against the deadliest of traps.
  • Solve difficult puzzles in between traps!
  • Commiserate with friendly (and unfriendly) fellows along your journey … while the world is ending.
WarriOrb – Environment
WarriOrb will be available on Steam (Windows/Linux) Tuesday, April 28 for $14.94 – a 17% discount. On May 5, the game will return to its original retail price of $17.99.

WarriOrb is also due on consoles later this year.

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