CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen Available Now on iOS and Android

Not a trace of humanity is left in beloved Queen Akasha’s soul. Her corruption is a curse that has thrown the realm into chaos. But three brave heroes have the cunning and strength needed to reclaim the kingdom. Now you must journey with them into Keystone – the demon queen’s forsaken monastery – crush the curse, and restore order to this realm. CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen is available now on iOS and Android!

Set in the same universe as the critically acclaimed original, Lords of the Fallen has big battles, bigger monsters and intuitive gameplay tailored exclusively to a touchscreen device. Lords of the Fallen combines swipe-based 1-on-1 combat with familiar RPG mechanics. Each character has his or her own combat style, and can be customized and trained to improve different skills. Players can find materials picked up throughout their play time, which can be used for crafting weapons, armor and amulets.

Other features include:

  • 12 detailed and creepy locations
  • 30 monster types and 12 bosses
  • 60 weapons, 15 amulets, and 80 nerve-wracking combat encounters

Lords of the Fallen is available now on the App Store and Google Play for $9.99 USD!

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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