Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

Put on the mantle of the Little Prince of Deiland and rule over your own planet. You can become a farmer, a crafter but most of all what you say goes… Because there is no one else! Entertain passing guests sure but as soon as night falls it’s just you and your trusty tools. Enough babble let’s get into our Deiland Pocket Planet Review.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 749MB download size.
  • Invert Y-axis setting.
  • Farming adventure gameplay.
  • You play on a small planet.
  • The game saves automatically.
  • Visitors will drop down on your planet and have tasks and act as a shop to buy and sell.
  • You choose where visitors land and have to accept their invitation (a button press) or they fly away and try again later.
  • Meteors-randomly happens and you can rotate the planet to help guide them away from your farm or structures.
  • Handy quick swap buttons for your tools.
  • Easy plant and build system.
  • Fishing with a reflex-based mini-game.
  • Tasks are given from the visitors and have their own menu to remind you.
  • An energy-based system whereby any and all actions use energy.
  • Crafting recipes are given as rewards and can be earned and used at your house.
  • Upgrade your farm with materials.
  • Sleep advances the game one day and replenishes some energy.
  • Earn EXP from doing activities and tasks, level up, and pick one of two choices which can be star boosts like more health or stamina.
  • Enemies-you use a simple hack and slash system but you can learn more advanced techniques.
  • Notification bar shows when crops are ready to be harvested, enemies about or when a visitor is here or awaiting arrival.
  • Full day-night cycle.
  • Seasons play a huge part and change the appearance of your planet and also dictates what seeds can be planted.
  • Wells-needed to capture rainwater which is used for watering plants to speed up growth. Wells are also needed to expand the farming lands.
  • Button icons show on screen making the game a cinch to pick up and play.
  • Play how you want.
  • Can do tasks in any order or whenever you like.
  • Meteors can be harvested and may contain rewards/seeds.
  • Everything has a timer on it like plants growing or trees dropping seeds etc.
  • Day and season pop up every new morning.
  • Very addictive.
  • At anytime press X to go into an orbit view where you can rotate the planet and see where things are or what needs attention.
  • Doesn’t have loads of loading screens.
  • Simplified item/tool choice that cuts out a lot of menu juggling.
  • NÚn-your friend who will give tasks and story as you encounter here.
  • Status menu-shows stats like health, energy, exp, and statuses.
  • The calendar shows when the seasons will change and what day you are currently on.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition Review Cons:

  • No touchscreen support.
  • Slow starter.
  • A lot to take in initially.
  • Can’t rebind controls.
  • Placing structures is a free-form approach which makes it really hard to line up but also place in a precise spot.
  • No hard save option you have to rely on the autosave.
  • Combat is not ideal and feels messy and chaotic.
  • No online interactions.
  • Visitors can turn up with no tasks.
  • Can easily pick the wrong tool and destroy a structure.
  • Tricky to work out what the requirements are for some tasks.
  • When seasons change the screen goes black for a short period regardless of what you are doing.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition::

Official website

Developer: CHIBIG

Publisher: CHIBIG

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  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Accessibility - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Length - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Fun Factor - 8/10

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