Dice Legacy Preview (Steam)

Our Dice Legacy preview takes on this dice-based survival city builder set on a mysterious ringworld. Your ship has reached the shore of an uncharted continent. Roll and use your dice to gather resources, expand and defend your settlement, survive the winter, and interact with the strange inhabitants of this eerie world.

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Dice Legacy Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 2.52GB Download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Graphics – fullscreen, resolution, v-sync, graphics preset, motion blur, shadow/texture/materials quality, detail mode, ambient occlusion, effects quality, resolution scale slider, active monitor, and a frame rate cap.
  • Enable/disable tutorial tips.
  • Five difficulties – pacifist, standard, legacy, hard and extreme.
  • Strategy gameplay.
  • You roll a set of dice and use the dice to do actions like hammers are used for building, axes for resource gathering, etc. The icon of the needed dice is shown by the structure/location.
  • Durability – each time you reroll your dice all of their durability goes down and zero means you lose it.
  • Repair durability with food at the cookhouse at the cost of not using that dice this turn.
  • The game is all set on a ringworld which looks cool when you roll the camera.
  • Deals with seasons that affect what you can and cannot build/Farm and even effects dice like freezing them rendering them unplayable.
  • You get a set of tasks that keep generating as you play.
  • Gather resources to build structures where you want within your territory.
  • Periodically the Council will give you a choice of 3 laws/rules/scenarios and you have to pick one to use. Typical choices are things like getting more food from resources or give certain dice more durability.
  • Beautiful locations.
  • You can attack and be attacked by unknown people who can set houses on fire.
  • Handy quick-select button for adding fuel to things like burners and cookers.
  • Autosaves a lot and always after making a choice.
  • Can adjust game speed on the fly.
  • Time flies!
  • Can get very addictive.
  • Upgrade buildings.
  • All actions have a real-world timer.
  • The game world randomizes every run.
  • Lock – you can lock a die to stop them from getting re-rolled and losing any durability.
  • Clever building mechanic in that you need resources to create the building but certain dice and peasants to actually build it.
  • Create more peasants with buildings and dice.
  • The morale meter of the townspeople affects how they treat and help you.
  • When a dice is in a structure awaiting the required amount of dice, working or in the cookhouse, you will not lose durability, and re-rolling only does the available dice.
  • So many layers and mechanics that slowly reveal themselves.
  • Every run is unique.
  • To uncover more land you build a district hall and use gold and discovery dice.
  • You can see the seasons change like snow coming down and snow melting away.
  • Every place you can gather resources from like forests and mines have a set amount of uses before they disappear.
  • Certain buildings will open up new options and buildings.
  • Save and quit option.
  • Tech tree – earn knowledge from buildings, interactions, and rewards. The tech tree does things like opening up new buildings, increasing the efficiency of actions and gatherings, and more.
  • Dice sets are called dice classes and are assigned to people. Peasant (starting set) are orange dice with a set of possible actions that can be rolled, Monk’s can be created who have a different set of dice and actions.
  • Keep dice sets (people) happy with your actions, they lose faith in you if dice start to die.
  • Special locations can be uncovered and turn into a unique instance played out like a choose your own adventure. You get rewards but can read the text and risk it for more or lose everything.
  • Town halls are used to expand your territory and you can upgrade them to increase the efficiency of resources around it.
  • You can attack or be attacked by other encampments.
  • Military options unlock for you to build defenses, catapults, soldiers and so much more.
  • Watch the people of your town go about their business day to day.
  • Passive difficultly is an excellent way to break yourself in, fights only happen if you initiate it, the pace is slower so you can learn the many mechanics.

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Dice Legacy Preview Cons:

  • Really throws you in the deep end with no structured tutorial.
  • No controller support.
  • Hard to read the dice icons.
  • Could do with detailed tooltips to help with resources.
  • Uses a tried and tested genre.
  • Small text everywhere.
  • Only one scenario and a set of dice to play with.
  • Not always easy to see icons on the map.
  • The further you go around the ring the harder it can be to manage.
  • No way to automate actions or build a queue system for multiple actions.
  • Only really deals with Winter and Summer.
  • Takes a long time to get going.
  • When getting objectives like build a school, if you built one before it said to it won’t recognize that you built one.

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Dice Legacy Preview

Dice Legacy:

Official website.

Developer: DestinyBit

Publisher: Ravenscourt

Store Links –




Dice Legacy is shaping up to be one of the best strategy games in recent years. It takes all the mechanics and systems we K ow, such as building something to make something else and builds and builds. Expand your base and discover new events, other settlements, and one-off instances. All this except the economy is controlled by dice! Dice are color-coded and assigned to groups of people (peasants/monks/soldiers etc) and you need to mix it up in order to build certain structures or in some cases unique actions like soldiers are needed for combat. Dice Legacy is a game that won’t teach you how to play it, instead, it goes and throws you in the deep end and you must swim or die. Sounds harsh and off-putting but honestly, it’s not that bad, you get tooltips and occasional helpful pop-ups so you are not completely alone. I lost hours to this game and never wanted to stop, just watching my town grow, flourish and advance itself is so satisfying. I then get a game fix by finding hidden temples and caves and go on quests for loot. Yes it’s a rough start and it does have some pacing issues but overall I must say Dice Legacy impressed the hell out of me and I’m not a strategy guy.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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