Dungeon Deathball Review (Steam)

Dungeon Deathball Review, TACTICS, TERROR & TOUCHDOWNS. Turn-based roguelike meets arcade death-sport, where every dungeon is a unique gauntlet of brutal challenges. Can you survive the trials of Dungeon Deathball and win back your freedom?

Dungeon Deathball Review Pros:

  • Awesome big bright colorful graphics.
  • 162.84MB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Own in-game achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Graphics settings – pixel filter, smooth fonts, v-sync, fullscreen, and resolution.
  • Gameplay settings – fast mode, dynamic camera, auto skip cinematics, grey blood, and undo suggestions.
  • UI options – action pop-ups, command cost popups, menu popups, enemy pop-ups, and tile popups.
  • Two button icon choices – PlayStation 5 and Xbox.
  • Full stats menu.
  • Survivor Hall of Fame leaderboards for your characters.
  • Daily challenges.
  • How to Play menu option is a text and image-based game manual.
  • Four game modes – normal, daily challenge, judgment mode, and action mode.
  • You have to unlock every mode except normal mode, it shows what the unlock requirements are.
  • Online leaderboards with friends filter.
  • Turn-based combat and movement.
  • Every action is controlled by how much stamina you have, you can rest on any turn to get some stamina.
  • You see where the enemy will be moving or attacking in their next turn.
  • The goal of the game is to score a touchdown by getting the ball from one side to the other.
  • In some game modes, you can change the ball type which makes the game easier or harder with a points reduction or boost.
  • End of stage breakdown of score and bonuses.
  • A really good atmospheric experience.
  • Isometric view.
  • A thinking man’s football game.
  • Before your first move you can change team member positions and who has the ball first.
  • It’s possible to have enemies kill each other.
  • Brilliant soundtrack.
  • The controls are easy enough to learn.
  • When moving or attacking you click your character and then any blue square is where you can go.
  • In between stages, you can spend coins on upgrading your team members’ stats.
  • When The game clicks it really is satisfying and so much fun to play.
  • Normal mode has you going through a set of random matches with a huge fight at the end.
  • You see what your action will do before you finalize it.
  • At any time press a button to see the turn order.
  • Over time the game will start loading in electrified tiles forcing you forward.

Dungeon Deathball Review Cons:

  • Cannot remap controls.
  • Quite a bit of screen tearing.
  • There is no playable tutorial which some find an easier way to learn a new game.
  • Very daunting at first.
  • The mouse cursor stays on the screen even when using the controller.
  • No Nintendo Switch button icons. More of an FYI entry.
  • It takes a couple of games to get to grips with all the mechanics.
  • Doesn’t offer Colourblind support.
  • You cannot save and quit mid-game.
  • Doesn’t offer online matches.
  • Cannot make your own team from scratch.

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Dungeon Deathball:

Official website.

Developer: Matt Glanville – Game Developer

Publisher: Matt Glanville – Game Developer

Store Links – 


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