Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue Preview (Steam Early Access)

We are back with our Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue Preview where we are Combining Roguelite, Action RPG, and Tower Defense gameplay into a crazy free-for-all, where it’s you and up to three friends versus hordes of enemies. Select your hero, survive the waves of foes, unlock new weapons and runes, and take on the bosses that await you!


Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • Download size.
  • Controller support.
  • Can rebind controls.
  • Graphics settings are display mode, resolution, render scale v – sync, fps limit, max fps, graphics preset, details, visual effects, view distance, foliage, shadow detail, lighting quality, anti-aliasing, post-processing, bloom, lens flare, anisotropy, texture quality, volumetric fog, and texture streaming.
  • Gameplay settings are Invert axis and sensitivity sliders, aim to assist, disable camera shake, aim to assist strength slider, ragdoll limit slider, and Damage number text size and if it on or off.
  • Auto-detect graphic settings option.
  • Online leaderboards.
  • Four heroes – Squire, Apprentice, Huntress, and Monk.
  • Online and Offline modes.
  • Wave-based roguelike.
  • Tower defense gameplay.
  • In between rounds you get loot and can change out your gear.
  • Runes can drop and these increase your stats or abilities.
  • The controls are a lot tighter and the character plays better overall.
  • Earn EXP for your hero and your account.
  • Upgrade points can be put into the tree to increase stats.
  • 2 – 4 player co-op.
  • After finishing a stage you can go to a hub to spend coins on gambling, upgrade gear or buy items and gear.
  • Randomize the location every time.
  • Unlock permanent runes at the end of a run/you die.
  • Spectator cam.
  • Health drops from enemies.
  • The goal of the game is to defend your crystal by killing enemies and building defenses.

Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue Preview Cons:

  • Doesn’t mention controller support on the store page or game page.
  • No server browser means solo or friends only.
  • No cursor system in menus so you are never sure where or what you are doing.
  • Only the Squire character is available initially.
  • Just two difficulties initially that are medium and hard.
  • You will need to have a mouse handy because loot swapping is nigh on impossible, the menu is a mess, and half the time the game doesn’t pick up the controller outside of the game itself.
  • You have to mess around with the controller bindings as they are not all assigned like building defenses!
  • Defenses start off weak and stay that way for a long time.
  • No tutorials.
  • You don’t get notified of upgrade points.
  • The path to unlocks is slow.
  • Same levels as previous games.
  • All the monsters seem the same as last time.
  • It Plays and feels like the game you have been playing all along, the only difference is you lose a load of stats buffs when you die.
  • The game doesn’t end when you die instead you have to sit and watch until the crystal blows up.
  • The leaderboards launch into a website and are not natively in the game.

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Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue:

Official website.

Developer: Chromatic Games

Publisher: Chromatic Games

Store Links – 

Steam Early Access


Not sure what’s going on here, despite having released a couple of games before, here we have the same game again! The only difference is how many things are not in the game. It is never a good sign when a game that has history fails to add what the previous games had. In fact, the game not only adds that it also lowers the offering with (currently) only offline and friends games so no server browsers, the hub is an easily missed portal between rounds instead of the grand opening event it is in other games. The characters are still the same but with maybe an extra ability or something, the monsters all look the same and the level locations are all old hat. I just get a rushed vibe, they put out as little as possible and it shows, that they could have just used an old iteration of the game and added in the roguelike mechanics but instead, it’s back to square one, in fact, it’s probably even earlier than that. It’s like the early access tag is used as a shield to get away from having a better offering which kind of makes a joke of Early Access, this Dev team has made this game several times before and what they offer here is almost an insult. The roguelike mechanics are the bare minimum with it boiling down to runes (power-ups) being only valid for a run, level up to get permanent ones but even then its small incremental start increases. There is no sense of great loss when you die which really should be in a roguelike, death is not that big a deal and it is just fitting for what is on offer here. Honestly, it’s not time to jump in, you have a better version of the game in the first Dungeon Defenders game than you do here.

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