The Elder Scrolls Online Update 11 Now Available on Consoles

The Elder Scrolls Online update 11 has now launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which brings two new Argonian-themed four-player dungeons; the long-awaited Style Parlor feature that allows players to change their Name, Race and Appearance; Costume Dyeing; and a large selection of cosmetic and quality of life additions. In addition, Update 11 delivers the long-awaited text chat feature for console players.
Update 11 previously released for PC and Mac on August 1. 
The Shadows of the Hist two-dungeon pack is available in-game via the Crown Store for 1,500 Crowns; Appearance and Race Change Tokens are available in the Crown Store for 1,000 Crowns each; and Name Change Tokens are available in the Crown Store for 2,500 Crowns each. 
For more information and details about everything included in Update 11, please visit

Jim Smale

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