How To Guide: Using A Vita With 2.0 Firmware

Sony released the much anticipated firmware update 2.0 for the PlayStation Vita. We know have new features added to an already lovely little machine. Most notably we get PS Plus support for the device. We can now back up saves to the cloud, and most importantly we get PS Plus games for Vita……

Email App:


One of the new features we get is the Email app, pretty self explanatory I know and its really easy to set up.

Just click the icon to trigger the app and off we go.

clicking on this screen then brings up the wizard.

select the company representing your email, selecting other requires you to manually add all the details of the account.

Just type all your details in remembering that they are case sensitive on the password section.

After a few moments you will then if all settings are correct, connect to your email account.

Click the book on the side to bring up your contacts list, yes I am THAT popular don’t hate, appreciate.

All settings are available once you select it through the …. button bottom right. Users of Gmail will notice you get all the same settings as you do everywhere else.



And thats your email all set up on your PlayStation Vita!

PlayStation Plus:

In settings>>>PlayStation Network we now have a new set of settings for the new PlayStation Plus features.

Ticking the update automatically option opens up the rest of the options. Tick the ones you want and back out of it.


PlayStation Plus Cloud:

We now have new, much needed features added to the Content Manager. Go ahead and select the Content Manager icon.

As you can see we now have the online storage section. Clicking that will bring this up.

This is all very familiar to Vita veterans. They are all easy to understand. Click to transfer from Vita to the cloud.

Now just select the games to back up or simply select all and copy the lot in one go.

If you want to transfer saves back or just look at whats on the cloud, click the cloud to Vita option to get this screen showing whats on there. The main advantage of the cloud saves is that you can now delete games off your Vita, yes it will delete your save as normal but with the cloud, if you re install the game you can drag the save off the cloud so you dont miss out. This is brilliant news for people who dont have huge memory cards, especially with all the free games coming through on Plus.


Content Manager:

Another new feature to grace our Vita is also found in the content manager. You will need to have Content Manager Assistant installed on your PC and it too will do an update. You can download the program from here for free:

On this screen select PC to get the new feature we always wanted.

Yep thats right we now have the ability to transfer files/backup wirelessly! This is a god send and makes life so much easier.

Here is what the screen will look like now once connected via Wi-Fi. Clicking the change button will take you back to the first screen.

Connectivity to the PS3 is still done via the USB cable though so we cant have everything.



Near has recieved a new update and makes it all cleaner and gets rid of loads of tabs.

There is now a new features tour on the next boot up of the app. You will also need to sign new terms and conditions in line with the new features.


As you can see the update has been a success and we havent even covered the web browser yet. Its had an update to make it more user friendly, with faster speed and the ability to download stuff in the background as you browse.





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