First Look At Magicka Wizard Wars

Magicka Wizard Wars (2)

Magicka: Wizard Wars is a Spell casting Action PvP game with the humor and the dynamic real time spell system of Magicka. Players form teams of four and blaze their way across the battlefield, combining magical elements on the fly to create hundreds of spell combinations with wildly varying effects. The game is still very much in the Beta stages, So this mini preview shows off how the game is at the moment.

Magicka Wizard Wars (1)


  • Graphics are detailed and crisp with some absolutely brilliant animations. Has a feel of a top HD quality to it all.
  • Game maintains and ramps up everything you love about Magicka. From the language to the spell casting.
  • Spells have been simplified by using a new 3 combination system. You can still combine them anyway you feel but you now only get 3 instead of the 5 in the first Magicka game.
  • You will be pleased to know you can still team kill or hit and injure your team mates. Why is this a good thing? Well because its so darn funny and the recipe for so many epic games. Nothing like storming a spawn point only to lose as your friend accidentally sets you all fire.
  • Game evolves around capturing spawn points and killing the enemy. The enemy can only spawn after death as long as they have spawn points in game.
  • Big levels with a lot of the Magicka charm retained.
  • Has a brief tutorial showing you how to move,cast spells and what the game mode is.
  • Controls are near identical to the original, New players will quickly get to grips with controls as they are relatively easy to pick up.
  • Kill enemies to earn what we would call kill streak type rewards, In this instance they come in the form of speciality spells like huge dragons and black holes etc.
  • Earn exp and cash for taking spawn points, killing enemies and winning games.
  • Simple easy to set up party system so you and your friends can all jump into a game together.
  • Spend your in game cash on upgrades/spells in the soon to be released shop.
  • Unlock new items as you rank up from melee weapons to staffs and robes. Each with its own unique pros and cons.
  • Encourages teamwork as running around lone wolf will get you no where.
  • The game is constant updates from hot fixes to reacting to player feedback via the forums and in game messaging system.

Magicka Wizard Wars (2)


  • Games an be over so quickly usually due to bad matchmaking. Going up against higher rank players is brutal. They have spells that can just devestate lower players.
  • Needs a change view option or at least a few more as its all very close and personal, Making it hard to see whats going on in front of you.
  • Needs more game modes but they are coming soon.
  • Could really benefit from an offline or online in fact, Bot training matches so you can learn the game away from the hardcore and work out team strategies.
  • People I have come across have a habit of just spamming the same move over and over, Making it all predictable and boring.
  • Dropping the combo system down to 3 eliminates a lot of the fun cool spells from the original.
  • The UI needs a bit of fine tuning, Its basic in the first instance, Dig a bit deeper and you can find closing/changing windows a bit cock handed and the close button feels hidden.
  • A lot of disconnects and problems finding matches over the last few days. Its still early days but still you have no real indication of how likely you are to get into a game or if its just idling on the network.

Magicka Wizard Wars (3)

In summary, Fans of the original Magicka game will love this game. Still very much work in progress, The game offers a lot of PVP that gamers wanted from the original. Yes the spell casting limit has changed but the fun has not. I cannot express just how much fun it is when the pressures on and you blindly bang up a spell and hit cast, To only set the whole team on fire! In a rare change the developers have actually taken a game and improved it whilst still keeping it true to the original. This is a game worth owning. I wouldnt say you would spend whole evenings playing it, But for a casual end of night romp with friends (that sounds a bit wrong?) it fits the bill perfectly.


The game is available on Steam now and comes in different varieties, Offering in game goodies and even a free game! The free game is crusader Kings 2 seems you asked. Opting for the big VIP type pack grants you not only the game but also your very own in game imp and unique robes and weapons. Proper show off material basically.

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