Gioteck GTX Pro Storm Eye Grips Review (Xbox Series S)

For our Gioteck GTX Pro Storm Eye Grips Review, we Keep our upper hand in the storm and battle for victory with the GTX Pro Grips for Xbox One. The high-quality silicone grips improve the accuracy and control of the sticks in your favorite games.

Gioteck GTX Pro Storm Eye Grips Review

Gioteck GTX Pro Storm Eye Grips Pros:

  • Sleek design.
  • Colors may vary but the one we got is very purple and white.
  • Simple push and twist application.
  • One grip is raised and one is quite flat.
  • Improves your control of the sticks.
  • Easy to apply the trigger stickers.
  • Can easily remove and re-apply the grips.
  • I tried it and the grips did fit just fine on my PlayStation 5 sticks and Nintendo Switch sticks.

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Gioteck GTX Pro Storm Eye Grips Cons:

  • Can only apply the trigger grips once.
  • It does take some getting used to.
  • The trigger grips are so ever so slightly square on a round part so you get a bit of overhang.

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Gioteck GTX Pro Storm Eye Grips:

Official website.


Not a lot to say really, the grips work really well and while I thought the Xbox controller triggers did t really need grips as they have them molded-in, these grips did add additional grip support making it more precise. I loved the stick grips and despite the tall one making your controller look weird, it did and continues to improve the accuracy of my stick action. I couldn’t get over how quick and easy the push and twist application was for the grips. Bit miffed of the grips being a one-time application on triggers but then when I think about it, how else would they do it! They are on there tight but I didn’t pull them off so I don’t K ow if it leaves any sticky residue behind. The o ly real takeaway here is they are built really well, easy to apply, and do actually do what they claim to do.

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