Godfall Review (PlayStation 5)

Godfall Review

Embark on an adventure in a fantasy action RPG that utilizes high-impact third-person melee combat to engage players as they hunt for loot, don legendary armor sets, and defeat vicious enemies. Face challenging missions that reward you with head-turning loot as you vanquish the armies that stand against you.


  • Glorious graphics.
  • 23.34GB download size.
  • Platinum trophy.
  • Opening tutorial section.
  • Graphics-bloom slider, motion blur, lens flare, and brightness.
  • Melee ARPG gameplay.
  • Morphstones-unidentified loot that has five rarities from common to legendary.
  • Breakable objects that drop random items.
  • Earn EXP and level up and earn skill points to put into the skills tree for new attacks and Abilities.
  • Can reset skill points.
  • Loot chests to find in-game.
  • Cool loot/item drop animations.
  • A lot of bright colors and flashy graphics.
  • Tutorial pop-ups continue as new things are explained.
  • Warframe looks and feel about it.
  • Big massive boss encounters.
  • Valorplates-new characters to play as who each have unique archon fury (special move) and you collect materials to craft Valor plates and can swap in the hub and equip items from previous Valor plates.
  • Training room.
  • Graphics preference-performance or resolution.
  • Invert axis and sensitivity sliders.
  • Shift codes support.
  • 3 difficulties-easy, normal and hard.
  • World map level select.
  • 3 player online Co-op.
  • Four mission types-story, boss, hunt, and unique.
  • A lot of cool explosions and shatters.
  • Spirit bound chest-break the 3 soul canister locks.
  • Open levels for exploring.
  • Load out-two main weapons, amulet, charm, two rings, banner, and life stone.
  • Handy icon for new loot in the menu.
  • Execution moves.
  • Fast-paced combat.
  • Twilight beacons-activate them to open new exploration objectives. Can be reactivated to get more objectives.
  • Once you finish a mission you can do optional bonus missions.
  • Spirit vision-shows objectives and hidden objectives along with certain loot.
  • The map is actually open so you can do as you wish, activate twilight beacons to allow the realm to open and show objectives.
  • Explore realm- once you finish a level you can return and look for loot and new objectives.
  • Some seriously badass looking characters.
  • Varied enemy types of all types.
  • Block and parry to stun enemies and block last second against projectiles to send them back.
  • Pretty locations.
  • Aim assist-on/off.
  • Can salvage old loot for parts from the inventory menu.
  • When you abandon or fail a level you keep all collected loot and exp.
  • As you run around you get progressively faster and faster.
  • Forge-upgrade gear with materials with each piece of gear being allowed to be upgraded 5 times. Enchant gear to improve its rarity.
  • When upgrading or Enchanting you choose which buff to increase or add.
  • Proper meaty combat.
  • When in a mission you still have an open area and can go off the beaten path and do as you wish.
  • You will replay areas a lot and learn the locations of items and enemies.
  • In explore mode the enemies will respawn over time.
  • Loot chest creature-will randomly appear and run away, kill him for great rewards.
  • Codex-lore, bestiary, and gameplay tips. Fills in as you encounter new enemies and lore is picked up and gameplay when unlocked/learned.
  • Weapon types-shield, greatswords, dual blades, warhammers, long swords, and polearms.
  • Fast travel arches where you look at them and then phase travel to them.
  • Merits-own in-game milestones/achievements where you do them for rewards and they have bronze silver and gold tiers.
  • EXP bar shows up when earning EXP.
  • Sometimes you can pick which mission order.
  • Copy the current loadout button when swapping valorplates.
  • Tower of Trials- floor/wave-based mode with boss battles for rarer loot.
  • Augments-opens up later on but you collect them and they will give a buff but also a drain number and your drain number can’t be bigger than your buff.
  • Combat is all hack and slashy but it has a lot going on under the hood, elemental damage, breaching, polarity attacks, and more. It sounds like hard work but you can play on not give it a thought and it will just happen.
  • Three core worlds-air, water, and earth locations.
  • Dream stones-end game activity where you go through a gauntlet of enemies, picking who you fight each stage, as you win you learn about the ideal end boss, get high-level rewards, dreams tones will add modifiers and you can fail them.
  • Level 50 is the character max.
  • Dream stones are timed.

Godfall Review


  • The opening level will take a good hour or so to finish.
  • Can be hard to pick out enemies and loot in some locations.
  • Could be a minor overlook but after hitting the final boss, the game rolled credits then went into the end game, with no cutscenes.
  • Lock-on is very faint and doesn’t smoothly go between targets.
  • Never sure when it saves.
  • Melee takes a bit of getting used to it.
  • A lot of empty open space to walk/run through.
  • Only one control layout.
  • Slow starter.
  • Had a huge boss fight that started abruptly and then became a simple hack job.
  • The game doesn’t pause when on the inventory screen.
  • Constantly swapping gear.
  • The last area has the worst performance with constant hitching and glitching.
  • Loot that drops is sometimes picked up instantly and others not so.
  • Can’t skip cutscenes.
  • Put in a thing where you have to replay levels to get items to unlock the next story part and screams of filler/padding.
  • Loot is tied to the levels/Realms so replaying old levels is pointless as loot is crap and the exp earned is too small.
  • Near the end of the game, they chuck in a load of padding and make you do old levels.
  • Had objectives not spawn or they spawn broken.

Godfall Review

  • 9/10
    Graphics - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Accessibility - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Length - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Fun Factor - 8/10


I really like what Godfall was going for, I loved the idea of a Diablo-like experience but with a heavy emphasis on melee. I didn’t even care they took the speed and design choices of Warframe, I loved it all from the world to the awesome weapons. It started off rough with little in the way of guidance of the gameplay loops and mechanics for the melee is not just hack and slash, far from it in fact. Combat uses a lot of things from building up a shatter attack that does a load of damage to polarity and ailments. Picking a weapon is not a choice early doors as you scramble to get better damage output after every loot drop and let me tell you, there is a lot of loot drops. Talking of loot drops they nail that euphoric feeling you get when it spills out from a chest or a bog boss encounter, it’s just pure eye candy. But they did mess up and made the loot tied to the particular level instead of the player level so any type of replaying or farming older levels is pointless. Enemies again are not tied to your character level apart from the last area where they level up with you. The game went for something with open type levels with you being able to do whatever you want within reason and explore a little before finishing up, even then you can play on as to finish a level you do it via the pause menu. I liked this idea as it meant I could be as aggressive or as passive as I like. Valor plates aka shells are different characters/armor sets whereby you get a unique voice, base stats, and archon fury. Archon fury is your special attack that builds as you fight and you trigger whenever. Archon fury attacks can be as simple as making surrounding enemies are breached/weakened all the way to you summoning Sentinels to fight for you. Godfall does take a map decision that both Monster Hunter and Warframe use which is they allow you to go to the chosen level/realm and free play it, meaning you can roam around and trigger little events and chase loot without an overall goal, again this brings me onto how the loot is done. If you ever abandon or run out of lives in a game you will always keep anything you collected or earned which is a huge deal for me. Talking of mini-events, these are not combat based and instead involve chests being locked behind a puzzle of sorts, it’s these that whilst cool need more content and thought put into them. For as vast and beautiful a world is, the content inside is dry and empty so much of the time. The end game means constantly replaying new randomly generated tournaments of battles with an end boss, fine at first but loses its appeal very quickly. For me the story was good just because it had a bit of puzzle, a bit of story, and a lot of combat, Sure it could do with more variety but on the whole, it was fine. Fine, that is until the last boss fight! For here you had to grind out sigils from all 3 Realms before you could even open the boss fight level and it dragged it out unnecessarily. The game was guilty of padding in extra tedious events to make it longer and whilst you got loot and exp, it was clear it was just empty padding and it really bummed me out. If I wrote this review after my first ten hours I would have sung its praises all day long hit now after nearly 30 hours, I’m tired, fatigued by repetition, and annoyed at how much more cool stuff they could have done or borrowed from Warframe and Monster Hunter. I mean no transmog or ability to craft, you were stuck with any weapon with the stats or face a world of pain, grinding was the biggest game component and it all ended up leaving me wanting more variety, more Realms, and a lot less padding. Give me a reason to revisit Realms, give me a reason to care about the endgame mode Dreamstones. I really want to love Godfall but instead I just like Godfall. It may rank in my list of Playstation 5 must-plays but only because of how those first ten hours made me feel.

Jim Smale

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