Here Is Our Top 10 PlayStation VR Games Of 2018

It is a new year, So in the spirit of moving on, We celebrate games of the year just passed. Today we look at the top 10 PlayStation VR games of 2018. It has been quite the year for PlayStation VR with many games coming over from Steam. But it is also a blockbuster year for indie titles and VR additions to well-known games. I am a wuss with any serious motion in VR despite trying many many remedies, Regardless I still managed to fit in a lot of PlayStation VR games and here are my top 10 PlayStation VR games of 2018.

10. Starbear Taxi.

Starbear Taxi can be described quite simply as a Crazy Taxi love letter! For the uninformed, You pick up passengers (in this case Bears) and deliver them to their destination. You get a time limit and get more score (money) by doing it faster. It is a crazy good fun game that uses the move controllers well. Its one of those great little arcade experiences.

9. Space Pirate Trainer.

Released towards the end of the year, Space Pirate Trainer comes to PlayStation VR in high regard following a very successful stint on the Vive and Occulus. Nothing has changed and that is fine by me, The game is pinpoint precision target shooting gameplay. Leaderboard support and a handful of modes mean you always have something to do, Then you factor in the new guns to unlock. This is the game we now use to calibrate our PSVR unit. Easy to play and hard to master but a whole load of shooty fun.

8.Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR.

Now for some good old hooting tootin and shootin fun in the wild west. Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR is a surprisingly fun immersive experience, Again it is a shooting gallery game but it adds in more targets you would see in a Fairground event like exploding bottles, Dynamite, and machete-wielding maniacs. Should mention I haven’t been to a Fairground in a while so it may have got better since. Yes, levels start to feel the same but the sheer wealth of guns and breakable objects in a level really do take shooting gallery games to the next level.

7. Pixel Ripped 1989

Now, this is what I wanted from VR. One for the retro gamers out there. You start the game playing on a handheld console in class and must distract the teacher so you can play your game. It combines two very different mechanics into one cohesive and seamless experience. Later on, you go into the games and get greeted with Green screen games all the while feeling completely submerged in this pixel game nirvana. A game you lose hours too as it just gets better and better and the amount of love is evident in all material relevant to the game and the atmosphere.

6. Time Carnage.

Ok, you will start seeing a trend now, Here we have another shooting gallery game but to be fair I class it as a wave-based shooter. You take on Aliens, Zombies, and Dinosaurs. You get to dual wield weapons, Reloading is a cool slam your gun on the podium motion, Enemies look cool and it is just a fun game to play. You can be attacked from 3 lanes, Some enviromental destruction can be had and a really cool selection of guns. Solid shooter and one that anyone can pick up and feel badass.

5. Smash Hit Plunder.

Ha, now we get to let out a load of stress and frustration! For here your goal is to destroy anything and everything in a level and collect coins. Sounds bland but it is so satisfying, Throwing tables and chairs, Smashing jugs over walls…Aaaah so therapeutic. It does add in a few other mode types and supports local play with non-VR players, You get a nice open hub area and can interact with these instantly lovable NPC. Level selection is extravagant as you roll a sheet to pick a location then stab a dagger in where to go, Top to bottom fun that brings in a group of players.

4. Firewall Zero Hour.

Described as Rainbow Six Siege, Firewall Zero hour is a first-person shooter with an amazing level of immersion. You can play with a controller or the aim motion gun thing. The gun actually adds even more to the game as it helps a lot with movement but hey. Ok, you get single player missions and a training section, Each allows you to earn EXP (minimal) and level up to unlock new gear. Plenty of comfort settings and the devs claim anyone can play it but I struggle a lot but still manage a game every few hours. The gameplay really is tight, Online is the true meat and potatoes and rewards teamwork and coordination. This game really surprised me in how well it all works.

3. Operation Warcade.

Arcade gaming has come home and finally come to VR! Think operation Wolf on Steriods but mixed ever so slightly with LSD to help induce this concoction of interactive digital murder. You start off in a hub which is an arcade and can people watch and look around. Playing the game however is you standing in front of the arcade cabinet and playing, But then you can lean into the fucking screen! I mean actually lean in and shoot people! How interactive do you want it! Gameplay is a 2D meets 2.5D meets 3D game space and constantly scrolls along and you take out the many different types of enemies. Oh and if all this sounds brilliant then wait! For not only can you lean into an arcade cabinet, but You can also teleport into the game and take over characters! I mean you can jump into a truck and drive it then into a plane and fly or how about a boat, Drive the boat or man the turret. Its a game all about celebrating arcade shooters and marrying it with VR and the results are staggering.

2. MLB Home Run Derby.

Ok, so this is a surprise entry as the actual game is just a slugger, Hit the ball and score points and hit targets for bonus scores. The reason for not only the entry but also the high standing is this is hands down the most played PSVR game of 2017. Its simple but its moreish and the more you play it, The more you want to play it. The Move controller becomes the bat and it all works so well. Worth noting that before Space Pirate Trainer this was my defacto game for setting up the calibration of my PSVR.

1. Moss.

I have saved the best for last! Moss is a game that you play as an adorable little mouse and must navigate these beautiful worlds, Solve puzzles and take out bad guys (bugs). It is all played out in set areas and you just move your head to look around corners and under stuff. Zero locomotion feelings so you are safe for hours of gameplay. It has little collectibles and the controller can also be used via the motion control to stun enemies, Interact with objects and revive your pal. It is just such a wonderful chilled experience I cannot help but play it for hours. I want more. Levels are done so you have some ability to explore and find secrets, Combat is simple but effective, Its the charm and polish that make it the best VR game of the year!


There we have it, This is my Top 10 PlayStation VR Games Of 2017, You will see many titles not making into the top 10 and this is for a variety of reasons from time to locomotion issues. Either way, these 10 games alone are enough to warrant owning and playing a PlayStation VR headset. It was a strong year and I have no doubt next year will be even stronger. Do you agree with the list? Maybe you have a game I may have missed? Either way sound off in the comments.





Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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