Hood: Outlaws And Legends Review (PlayStation 5)

You know the legend that is Robin Hood, steal from the rich and give to the poor. In Hood: Outlaws And Legends you play as one of the characters including the infamous Robin Hood himself and take on another team of glory hunters whereby you must fight not just each other but also the State which is governed by the Sheriff. Hood: Outlaws And Legends is a PvPvE game and we take it through it paves so sit back and relax as we introduce you to our Hood: Outlaws And Legends Review for the PlayStation 5.

Hood: Outlaws And Legends Review:


  • Highly detailed graphics.
  • Hood: Outlaws And Legends download size is11.59GB.
  • Platinum trophy.
  • Initial tutorial area showing off the controls, gameplay, and each character type.
  • Uses the adaptive triggers so pulling on the bow feels like you are pulling on a bow as you get resistance and it makes the noises.
  • Action gameplay that revolves around heists were to need to steal the loot.
  • The hideout-your base where you can join heists, go into training, add perks and customize your characters.
  • Cross play-on/off.
  • Controller settings-Invert axis, sensitivity sliders, toggle actions like crouch and zoom, rebind controls, and set how lock-on works.
  • 4 players online.
  • Ai difficulty can be set to easy, medium, and hard.
  • Public and private lobbies.
  • Can play solo against Ai in training and the room set to private.
  • Pop up on kills showing things like state kill, unaware, headshot, and the like.
  • Ammo caches are all over the map and are highlighted with a white outline.
  • Little camps/storage areas act as a respawn point, you capture them but so can the enemy.
  • Multiplayer-online is 4v4 and the State which is Ai controlled.
  • Two teams go for one treasure but the Ai are the ones holding the treasure.
  • Daily challenges.
  • Hidden Collectibles with handy map tracker.
  • You can highlight enemies, loot, doors, add in things like attack here or follow me.
  • You can pick any character you want as can everyone else so you could in theory have a team of the same person.
  • Some of the best level designs in a game, the maps are huge and full of winding corridors, basements, and the like.
  • Can unlock doors to enable shortcuts.
  • Ranking/leveling up is player rank then every character has their own level up. Your hideout has its own level/rank as well and rewards you.
  • Shows who’s on console and who’s on pc.
  • The end of the match screen shows MVPs.
  • Each character has a difficulty star rating attached to them.
  • Winning a match will earn hideout gold that ranks it up and unlocks cosmetics and gear.
  • Stamina system used for dodging, blocking, running, and attacking.
  • You have light and heavy attacks.
  • Can throw rocks or whistles to lure enemies.
  • The state is the name given to the Ai in the game.
  • Can bring up the map and even move when it’s up on the screen.
  • Once you get the key it will say what area the chest is in.
  • Chests-once you pick it up, the exits will show and you pick one.
  • Exporting the chest involves winding the handle, it has six notches and the final end of the game, at any point the enemy can steal it.
  • Sheriff-holds the key and is the big bad Ai that can Insta kill you and makes the screen shake as he walks.
  • Earn Gold from playing, doing challenges, and as rewards for assassinations.


  • In Hood: Outlaws And Legends the training game mode doesn’t reward exp or unlocks.
  • Can only play vs people and the Ai.
  • A lot to take in.
  • Combat takes a lot of getting used to.
  • Games can quickly turn into just action games as the Ai cannot cope with a group attacking all at once and it breaks the atmosphere somewhat.
  • Ai can have some bad pathfinding.
  • Very dark game, hard to make things out.
  • The long-range/lock-on mechanic is weak when using it for marking/tagging people.
  • Can’t change characters in the game.
  • Slow respawn timer.
  • It’s a full match lobby or no lobby.
  • Doesn’t feel that balanced.
  • Levels are almost too big.
  • Combat is over far too quick.
  • Can only heal if you have a Mystic on your team.
  • Slow to level up.
  • Can’t swap sides in the lobby which is annoying when you could balance the teams if you could.
  • On some maps, the spawn points are right by an objective giving a huge unfair advantage.
  • No cancel animations.
  • Just the one-game type.
  • Not fun playing solo against bots.
  • Matches (in training at least) have a hard time limit that’s not shown until the last 2 mins.
  • Unfulfilling end of match screen, no exp bar going up or even a notification you have leveled up it’s just outstanding performances and a timer for the next match unless you are playing another match in which case you will see this stuff right at the end.

Hood: Outlaws And Legends Info:

Official website

Developer: Sumo Digital.

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive.

Store Links:

  • 7/10
    Graphics - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Accessibility - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Length - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Fun Factor - 7/10


Hood: Outlaws And Legends is a game that is very marmite, it’s a game that has a PvPvE system whereby two teams of 4 players face off against each other and must locate the key from the Sheriff and then take the chest from the vault to extract it from one of the various points on the map. Aside from the overbearing “hey you look and act a lot like the Mountain from that there Game of Thrones” Sheriff you have Ai characters called the State. They will be patrolling the map and guarding key points on said map. Anyone can take them out but if they get alerted to you then you give away your position to not o ly the State but also the enemy team. The maps are huge and sprawling with you being able to unlock doors for shortcuts or cutting rope to enable you to scale walls. It’s a game that is absolutely amazing when the team is working together, it’s satisfying in its execution but anything other than a good team is a hard tedious slog. You have four characters that have unique abilities and weapons so getting a good mix is key as only one character can heal you for example. The map is so big you can get lost, you can be pushed back to spawn and have a long-ass walk back to the action, to negate this somewhat you can take the three spawn points but anyone can take them. It’s very cat and mouse, I love the game one minute and despise it the next. Progress is very slow and you are ranking up your player level, character level (individually), and hideout level. You need to get these updated sharpish so you can hold your own, getting game change perks, customisation options, and more. The game gives you a lot of options for victory but if you are against a true team then there is little you can do apart from getting lucky. I do like the way you extract the chest in Hood: Outlaws And Legends as it’s on a six-notch system where you winch the chest to move it up. At any point a team can take control and do it even if it’s just the final notch, it’s very dramatic. I personally felt like I never got a grasp of the combat, you die way too quickly and headshots are way too easy for skilled players and constant deaths are not fun and nor is the long walk back to the action. Some of my issues are with how the game plays but a lot can be summed up as I’m a bad player but I can admit that (tough shit as it’s true), but I do wish the game didn’t force PvPvE on us and allowed a PvE mode where we can level up (it’s in the game but unranked/no exp), it needs more Ai in the game as well so if you are having a rough game you can get some work done or it would make the game a bit harder overall as atm the flow of the game is to kill the Ai within five minutes then have a quick fight over the key and chest then it’s just camping and killing. Fine at first but stressful and shite later on. I want to like the game unconditionally but atm for me personally it’s an alright game that has fantastic highs but very low lows. I will however keep coming back because I like what they are going for, a few new modes and tweaks and it could be unreal. Overall I found Hood: Outlaws And Legends to be in the same boat as the original Rainbow Six Siege in that it had a rough start but got better over time.

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