Horizon Chase arrives to Android, offering a new “try before buy” feature.

Horizon Chase is a modern take on the 90s old-school racers that we loved the most such as Out Run or Top Gear. The game features unique art direction, with a bright and colorful palette that mixes low-poly environments and highly detailed 2D backgrounds. Controls are very straightforward and comfortable, providing an exciting arcade experience. Composed by Barry Leitch (Top Gear, Lotus and Rush series), the soundtrack is uniquely techno-inspired and energetic. What really sets Horizon Chase apart from other racing games is the blend of its arcade style and the strong sense of actual exploration and discovery that the player feels through its many and quite diverse circuits, many of them dominated by natural landscapes.

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Game features:

  • *Android Only* Premium game with loads of content, and a 5-circuits free trial. Horizon Chase contains 8 cups, 32 cities, 73 tracks and 16 unlockable cars which you can upgrade as you perform in each race. We decided to add the free trial (allowing everybody to download the game) in order to make it much more accessible.
  • In a platform as Google Play, well-known for being unquestionably dominated by Free-to-Play games, it’s very hard to monetize for premium games as ours. We firmly believe most of the skeptical players will see thehigh production values and truly enjoyable gameplay Horizon Chase offers, and that will convince them to pay for the whole product after trying it.
  • The man behind Horizon Chase’s tunes is no less than Barry Leitchhimself. The hands that made the soundtracks of classics such as Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Top Gear (SNES) and Rush series.
  • We chose to look for the simplicity and beauty of a low poly technique for the visual aspect of the game. The usage of secondary and complementary colors result in a unique and harmonic atmosphere that clearly portrays the game’s retro soul on a completely modern body.
  • To warrant the best control scheme for each type of player, the game offers7 input methods that fit with every play style, from tilt to Bluetooth joypad.
  • 8 languages fully supported: Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) localization support added to the previously supported languages set (Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, English and Italian).
  • Horizon Chase is coming out November 19th at $2,99 (with a 5-circuits free trial) on the Google Play Store. Prepare your engines, launch date is really close!

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Future release platforms.
For now the game is only available on iOS and Android devices, but we will also release it for Amazon, Windows Phone, PC and consoles:

  • In case you are interested in the PC version, let us know and we will keep you updated on our progress, there is the possibility to let you access a very early dev version of the game in the future, but this all depends on technical stuff, so no date can be confirmed yet.
  • Regarding consoles, we can already confirm that Horizon Chase will be released on the Playstation 4. Also, our Business Director Sandro Manfredini will be showcasing the game at the PlayStation Experience (San Francisco), during 4th and 5th of December. If you are interested in meeting him and checking out the PS4 version, let us know.

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