Hot Wheels Unleashed Review (Xbox Series S)

For our Hot Wheels Unleashed Review, we strive to collect the best vehicles in the Hot Wheels universe, build spectacular tracks and dive into breathtaking races. Following our somewhat negative Hot Wheels Unleashed Preview (Steam) We tried to improve our skills by competing in awesome races and get ready for pure fun! Drift, charge the booster, and launch yourself into spectacular loops.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 11.8GB download size.
  • 1000 Gamerscore.
  • Racing gameplay.
  • Opening tutorial race.
  • Three game modes – Hot Wheels City rumble, Multiplayer, and basement.
  • Hot Wheels City rumble is the single-player mode where it’s a huge Web of events and you unlock new ones as you play.
  • Tight controls with a good Drift model.
  • Each car has 4 stats – speed, braking power, acceleration, and handling.
  • Highly detailed car models.
  • Profile customisation – favorite vehicle, background, card background, profile icon, and tag.
  • Cars can be upgraded, dismantled, or sold.
  • Two currencies – coins and cogs for upgrading.
  • Basement allows you to customize and change out aspects of the play area and any track you build will be housed here meaning if you share it then people will be technically playing in your room.
  • Full livery editor.
  • Shop – buy a blind box or choose from the selected cars on sale.
  • Share track and livery creations.
  • Splitscreen support.
  • Turbo start.
  • Big boss events.
  • Race types – time attack and races.
  • Insane loops and bends all over the courses.
  • Earn medals and trophies in events to open up more events.
  • The map is huge and has secret rewards hidden around.
  • Quick respawn to track button.
  • 66 unique cars to collect.
  • Turbo generates over time but you can accelerate this by hitting speed strips and drifting.
  • Easy to and fast to build track editor.
  • Events on the world map – 9 secrets, 5 boss races, 32-time attacks,s, and 52 quick races.
  • Full air control.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed Review Cons:

  • Hitting barriers has horrible ragdolling and controls.
  • The checkpoint for respawns is sporadic and mostly broken as it’s too far from where you actually crashed.
  • Blind boxes drop rates are poor with dupes a common event.
  • Takes ages to build up cogs and cash.
  • Cheap Ai tactics.
  • To open blind boxes from the main game you have to back out to the main menu every time.
  • Air control is overly sensitive.
  • No way to change race length as 3 laps feel excessive.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed:

Official website.

Developer: Milestone 


Store Links –




  • 9/10
    Graphics - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Accessibility - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Length - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Fun Factor - 9/10


Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade racer set within the Hot Wheels franchise. Race on iconic tracks, and use some of the many cars in the franchise. In reality, it’s a small collection of tracks within six distinct locations, you do either racing against Ai or randoms or solo time trials. That’s it that’s all the modes it has and it’s quite disappointing as they have made a racing game with excellent drifting control and have such a vast catalog of potential, it feels like a letdown. I like the game but I cannot play it for long as it feels like I’m just doing the same tracks over and over, the rewards and so small and meager it zaps any motivation. I thought having blind boxes incorporated how they do it would spur it all on but even then the randomness of it seems fixed plus mix in the slow progress of coins and you have yourself a grind, my friend. They do attempt to add longevity to the online having you decorate your own space that players race on, full track and livery editor, and the ability to easily share creations so that is cool. To be honest I grumble at this and that but Hot Wheels Unleashed is just a really good arcade racer and has a lot going for it. Accessible, fun and surprisingly addictive but needs a bit more variety to push it further.

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