Is Our Need For Amazing Graphics Stifling Creativity?

Is Our Need For Amazing Graphics Stifling Creativity?

Challenge. Fight. Explore. With these three core mechanics, developers have been able to release games that can leave a mark on the industry for years to come, as the generations move forward it’s the more visual side of gaming that takes center stage which is fair in a way that first impressions matter so of course graphics are huge but at what cost?


What do you think? Do you feel that gaming has lost its edge due to a focus on realism?


Would you like devs to focus more on challenging gamers, making them explore new worlds, and giving gameplay rewards for dedication and skill as opposed to just postcard-worthy locations and grand vistas? As the cost of great graphics and great gameplay rises, so do the costs of buying such a game and with that your opinion on it all changes as you look for the best game for your money.


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The quest for realism won’t end anytime soon.


Games have been getting incredible reviews for the level of accuracy, graphical fidelity, and detailed levels. But is this creating a false sense of achievement? If a game is Gorgeous to look at does that automatically make it a great game?


Games in the past were primarily fantasy, depicting worlds that often were unreal or imaginative. You had to rely on your own interpretation or imagination to bring a lot of the games to life, having awesome box art like on the Atari 2600 helped give us the tools and ideas.


Today’s video games are striving for realism and depict worlds that are supposedly more realistic, but many gamers believe they lack the enchantment of the old-fashioned worlds.


The pursuit of realism might just be killing gaming…or gaming as we know it because with great graphics come gameplay sacrifices or a high price tag. Is this a problem? Would you rather have a great-looking game and crap mechanics or a bad-looking game with amazing mechanics and new features? Tell us what you think in the comments below!