Lawn Mowing Simulator Ancient Britain DLC Review (Xbox Series S)

With our Ancient Britain DLC Review, we explore the quintessentially British ruins whilst peacefully mowing the lawns of these sites.

Ancient Britain DLC Review

Ancient Britain DLC Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 17.1GB download size. That’s total.
  • Four new locations – The Ancient Auroch, Aurochs Hill, Druid Tor, and The Royal Stones.
  • Can play them in the free mow mode.
  • Adds new challenges within the challenge modes and is in amateur, professional, and expert.
  • New locations are clearly marked with a big yellow arrow.
  • Fantastic detail and atmospheric locations.
  • Adds a lot to the game as it has you dealing with unique situations.

Ancient Britain DLC Review

Ancient Britain Review Cons:

  • Doesn’t add any new achievements.
  • Couldn’t see it in my career mode maps.
  • More of the same.

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Ancient Britain DLC Review

Lawn Mowing Simulator Ancient Britain:

Official website.

Developer: Skyhook Games

Publisher: Curve Digital

Store Links –



Not a lot can really be said when it comes to DLC like this. The Ancient Britain DLC literally just adds four new locations. I say “just” in a flippant way but to be fair they have huge locations and they themselves do present new and unique situations, they are rich in detail and history. I really liked just going around familiar locations and just generally soaking up the atmosphere. Whiles the DLC doesn’t add huge amounts, what it does provide is new exciting opportunities to hone your skills and see the world albeit virtually and on an oversized Strummer taped onto a trunky but still, it’s almost educational! Lawn Mowing Simulator Ancient Britain DLC does exactly what you think, more locations bit this time with history.

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