A Look At: Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game Trollslayer And Witch Hunter Expansions

Today we are looking at the two new anticipated expansions forWarhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. Offering up two new characters to dungeon crawl with I present The Witch Hunter and The Trollslayer.

The Trollslayer:

The cards feel more substantial this time round, Feeling more like fine plastic, You never feel like you are going to scuff or fold them.

The presentation on the cards maintain the same high standards as the original cards. The only downside is the box they come in is very underwhelming. I mean its a nice pop off blister pack but I was kind of hoping for a miniature box like what we got with the board game miniature ones. That said at just under a fiver a piece you really cannot hold a grudge.

The Witch Hunter:

As with the Trollslayer, The Witch Hunter cards are made of the same material ensuring they stay in top condition but also making you wish the original cards had the same feel.

Again the artwork is incredible on these cards and with the attention to detail, They do not stick out as “different” in your collection. Well except for the clearly better material being used for the newer cards.

Final Thoughts:

In reality you are getting an excellent expansion for under a fiver, So whilst the packaging may be bare bones and un appealing, You do get top quality “Better than the original” printed cards. Fantasy Flight Games  have done good on the cards as they can easily just slide into your collection and fit right in. Stock levels for these seem to be low at the moment and if it wasn’t for Wargamestore and their speedy delivery, I may never have got them! I am glad they are so well done and now I just await the much needed scenarios and quests expansion.

Warhammer quest the card game Witch Hunter And Trollslayer expansions together

Jim Smale

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