Mario Golf Super Rush Review (Nintendo Switch)

For our Mario Golf Super Rush Review, we join your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters on the fairway for a super speedy round of golf. Whether you’re outpacing your opponents in Speed Golf, where players tee off together and race to finish the hoe this review gets the job done.

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Mario Golf Super Rush Review Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • 3.1GB download size.
  • Golf gameplay.
  • Controls – Invert axis, set preferred hand, set motion controls.
  • Two to four-player local multiplayer with Joycon and one Nintendo Switch.
  • Three game styles – Play golf, golf adventure, and solo challenge.
  • Motion control support – Joycon in hand.
  • Solo challenge modes – score attack and time attack modes.
  • Golf mode – standard, speed, battle, and network.
  • Supports local network play.
  • Golf guide menu – acts as a tutorial area with controls and golf lingo explained.
  • Three save slots.
  • Golf adventure uses your Mii, either the one already made or you can make a new one.
  • Golf adventure is the story mode, you get cutscenes, a plot and you can freely walk around the resort.
  • Map boards will show you where you are and points of interest.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Badge – this is your rank.
  • Earn EXP and get a level-up point to put into your stats – power, stamina, speed, control, and spin.
  • Shots use the click button once to set the power then you press a direction in the blocks to add spins and curves. (this is optional)
  • Speed golf is timed, and you have to run to your ball to play the next shot. You can slide, jump and bump your opponents out the way and even deck them.
  • A stamina bar is used for your running and dashing. It slowly regens.
  • The shot circle shows on the overhead camera that displays the predicted land zone and any possible roll-on.
  • The grid system used for putting to show any elevation or slopes and their severity.
  • Fast forward button for shots to speed it all up.
  • Adventure mode lets you roam around and do story missions, free play, and any additional side missions.
  • Golf clubs are set at 7 and can be swapped out as and when, add more clubs for a stamina penalty.
  • Lush locations.
  • Golf watch – this displays all your menu options, stats, tutorials, etc.
  • Spin shots – the second bar on your power shot meter is where you press a direction to add spin, press multiple times to increase the power of the spin. In adventure mode, you add more spin blocks with stats, and with named characters like Mario, you add blocks with certain clubs.
  • Cool pitted animation.
  • Course/hole flyover.
  • Happy bouncy soundtrack.
  • Adventure mode tournaments have a qualifying round beforehand.
  • When playing a match and after potting your ball you can spectate the other players.
  • When running to a hole you can collect coins and hit hearts to get stamina.
  • Practice rounds still give EXP.
  • Cinematic camera angles especially when putting.
  • Golf clubs can give shots additional or more powerful spins and curves.
  • Attire will grant bonuses like run faster or jump higher etc.
  • Quick and easy to swap out clubs and attire.
  • Can declare a ball unplayable.
  • Toad commentary is optional.
  • Can play against 2-3 AI players in solo modes.
  • Sixteen characters – Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Daisy, Bowser Jr, Bowser, Yoshi, Boo, Donkey Kong, Rosalina, Chargin Chuck, Toad, Pauline, and King Bob-Omb.
  • Six courses – you have to unlock them through adventure mode.
  • Left and right-handed options for all characters.
  • Standard golf mode settings – set Ai amount, characters, course, holes (3/6/9/18), starting hole, tees (rookie/standard/back/championship/random), wind strength (normal/strong/strongest/light), special shots (on/off).
  • Range finder – act like binoculars and can tell you distances and any hazards etc. Uses the motion controls to aim.
  • Battle mode is where you all race to finish courses and collect flags.
  • Finish adventure mode to unlock the ability to play as your Mii outside of adventure mode.
  • Courses will have obstacles, enemies, etc.

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Mario Golf Super Rush Review Cons:

  • Slow starter.
  • Can’t skip cutscenes or interactions in adventure mode.
  • The learning curve with the shot style.
  • A lot to take in especially if you are new to golf.
  • Putting camera view is less than ideal.
  • Running to your ball in speed golf is not fun and even more so early on as you have low stamina and a slow walk speed.
  • Never sure when it saves.
  • Speed golf is frustrating as it’s hard to judge shots, know how good a shot was.
  • Toad commentary is text-based.
  • Drains the battery fast.
  • No replays or save option.
  • Whilst in handheld the graphic quality drops often and goes blocky.
  • Learning curves and spins is really difficult.

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Mario Golf Super Rush:

Official website.

Developers: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

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Amazon Physical edition

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  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Accessibility - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Length - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Fun Factor - 7/10


It must be something in the air but I find myself playing a lot of golf games at the moment. Now Mario Golf is definitely a more arcade experience than say PGA Tour 2k21 but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Mario Golf has a rather good adventure mode where you take your Mii, earn exp, and level up stats to get better, you do qualification rounds and then go o to massive tournaments against many of the most well-known characters from the universe. If that doesn’t float your boat then you can play golf or one of the battle mode variations using just the main roster of characters with balancing done via stats and club choices. There are six courses to play on but you do have to play adventure mode in order to unlock them for the other modes which suck a bit. Mario Golf does however have a lot of the Nintendo Switches features added in so you can use the gyroscope to aim your range finder tool (helps diagnose hazards and distances) and you can also take off the Joycon and use it as a golf club Wii and Wii U style! Controls wise it’s a simple affair where you press the button twice to set the power and then you add any spins and curves to the ball, doing it this way means no matter your skill level, it’s accessible to you. All the curves and spins did wind me up a bit especially later on when the game forced it upon you in every hole. The speed golf aspect (you run to your ball after playing your shot) didn’t do it for me as I found I never got good feedback on my shots, you could press dash and run past the ball or get stuck in a hazard and have to press jump a whole load of times, it just felt wrong. Standard golf is a good crack and putting whilst looking fantastic thanks to the many cinematic camera angles is real y hard but in a way helps balance all the player’s skills. Mario Golf is a good golf game but as soon as it deviates from the standard modes it gets tedious.

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