Metroid Dread Review (Nintendo Switch)

Our Metroid Dread Review takes us to a remote alien planet, a mechanical menace awaits that will push even the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter to her limit. Join Samus Aran on her deadliest 2D adventure yet in Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch.

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Metroid Dread Review Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 4.1GB download size.
  • Metroidvania gameplay.
  • 3 save slots.
  • Save file will show game completion, hours played, and current rocket count.
  • Savepoints within the game.
  • The map fills in as you play.
  • Tutorial pop-ups and videos as needed.
  • E.M.M.I is a being that will hunt you down relentlessly when you are in the designated area.
  • Big boss battles.
  • Upgrade your gun and abilities as you play.
  • You can place your own map markers.
  • Excellent soundtrack.
  • Familiar accessible controls.
  • Missiles or rockets are powerful attacks you can do and can increase the ammo amount by finding the pickups.
  • Next level lighting.
  • Beautiful locations with moving backdrops.
  • Find hidden areas and items.
  • Parry system that stuns enemies and allows you to usually do one-hit-kill damage.
  • Combo moves together for devastating attacks.
  • Minimap onscreen that can be expanded.
  • Cloaking allows you to temporarily go invisible.
  • One of the smoothest running games.
  • Amiibo support for items.
  • The log will show everything you have done.
  • Highlight icons on the map for a description.
  • Last second reprieve, the time it perfectly when grabbed by E.M.M.I and you can stun it and escape otherwise it’s a one-hit death.
  • E.M.M.I come in different colors and each one is different in its attacks.
  • Adam is an Ai that helps you as you go through the planet, he will give stories and information.

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Metroid Dread Review Cons:

  • Cannot rebind controls.
  • The game is bad at telling you where to go.
  • Constant difficulty spikes.
  • The Long wait between death and respawn.
  • Easy to get lost.
  • Can only use Metroid Amiibo.

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Metroid Dread:

Official website.

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

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Nintendo store

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  • 9/10
    Graphics - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Sound - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Accessibility - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Length - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Fun Factor - 9/10


Metroid is a game series that gamers have been asking for for years. We got a Metroid game on the 3DS that was a remake and a good one at that but we wanted a new original game. Dread gives us not only an original ending to the game series story as it is but also one of the best Metroidvania games on the Nintendo Switch. I’m lucky in that I got to play the game on the Nintendo Switch OLED Console and it looks even better, performs even better whether it be docked or handheld. What I love about Metroid Dread is that it has the solid gameplay you expect but they also add in horror aspects by having an entity called an E.M.M.I.E that stalks your every move in certain areas, the lighting goes dark, the music gets sinister and it’s all rather exciting as its a case of if she/he/it catches you then it’s a one-hit death unless you get a lucky parry. Metroid is still a bitch in that the signposting of what to do is not always clear, boss fights can get tough but I let it all go because just walking and jumping around this world is incredible, I mean you get all these stunning locations, puzzles, and fights that just all come together into a complete package. It’s weird but I think the weakest part is the lack of actual Samus, the story is fine but Samus is almost mute and it kinda sours an otherwise brilliant experience. Even if you are not a Metroid fan you can get enjoyment from the game, the level design is a fine example of how to do it, got lost and don’t know what to do or where to go? Who cares just poke and prod your way around and maybe find a secret or two. It’s that kind of game that encourages you to do as you want, challenge yourself and it’s funny to say but I’m not alone here, people have finished the game and immediately gone back in on the harder difficulties. It’s been a long time coming but Metroid Dread has taken the series to whole new levels and it’s a must-play title for the Nintendo Switch and if you can play it on the Nintendo Switch OLED Console it’s a visual treat!

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