Mutant League Football 2 Preview (Steam Early Access)

Mutant League Football 2 Preview, is a hard-hitting, arcade-style football game that combines intense gameplay, wisecracking mutants, weapons, deep strategy, and outrageous humor. Prepare yourself for the most insanely brutal football you’ll ever experience.

Mutant League Football 2 Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 10.47GB download size.
  • Full controller support.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, fullscreen, graphics preset, v-sync, texture quality, bench players, shadows, and shadow resolution.
  • Free welcome card pack.
  • Gore can be turned on and off.
  • Can remap the keyboard buttons.
  • Local multiplayer versus mode.
  • Two single-player modes – practice, and season.
  • Game settings – game speed (fastest/fast/classic/slower), quarter length (1 to 7 minutes), karnage level (off/weenie/rough/brutal/massacre), difficulty (newbie/rookie/normal/all oro/all-star masochist), dirty tricks, hazards, and weather.
  • American football gameplay.
  • Horror-themed teams and they are a horror parody of the real NFL teams.
  • Each team have its own stats and ratings along with offense and defense special moves and abilities.
  • Team management lets you – deal with the depth chart, trade players, sign free agents, and add/remove skills and upgrades to individual players.
  • All the players look awesome.
  • The presentation is a lot more realistic than before.
  • When in the season you can get interactions and cutscenes.
  • After a play, you have a small window to just beat up or mess up opponents.
  • Fantastic animations of the dirty tricks late hits, and fighting.
  • Replays of big hits, turnovers, and sacks.
  • Players can get injured or even die.
  • There will be obstacles and things like electric fences and mines on the field.
  • A lot of taunting and cutscene-enabled skits.
  • The stadiums look incredible.
  • Players can have their usual avoidance techniques like hurdles, stiff arms, and spins but they also can get weapons.
  • The game does have commentary.
  • From games you earn player upgrades, casualties, karnage coins, and popularity.
  • The game does move at a good speed and performs well.
  • Stamina dictates your running amount.
  • After scoring a touchdown you choose the celebration from dancing to a team effort dance.

Mutant League Football 2 Preview Cons:

  • No Steam achievements.
  • Cannot remap controls for the controller.
  • Doesn’t have online play yet.
  • So many menus show greyed-out options like training camp, Dynasty mode, etc.
  • The AI is always really good at avoiding tackles and using abilities a lot.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to make out what’s going on.
  • There are no league or player-creation tools in the game.
  • No way to save clips and replays.
  • Limited camera options.
  • Stamina doesn’t come back until after the play.
  • Uses the same item intro scenes.
  • Feels like it’s just the one stadium.
  • Hazards on the pitch can make it feel like luck is against you a lot of the time.
  • So many times you can do nothing to an opponent to stop them.
  • The Ai is very cheap.
  • Getting hit looks crap in places like they hit a certain hit point and trigger the cutscene.
  • It just feels a bit unbalanced and hit detection is bad.

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Mutant League Football 2:

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