Nintendo Switch OLED Console Review

Our  Nintendo Switch OLED Console Review lets us transform our gaming situation, so we can play the games we want, no matter how busy life may be. Enjoy games anytime, anywhere, with anyone, Let’s get this show on the road.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Console Review Pros:

  • Gorgeous OLED display.
  • Bigger screen.
  • Bluetooth Audio support.
  • Supports 5ghz Wi-Fi connections.
  • 64GB internal memory.
  • Better battery life.
  • White Dock and white Joycons.
  • Easy transfer of accounts by having both consoles (old and new) connect wirelessly together.
  • Touchscreen sensitivity can be set to standard or a more stylus-friendly stylus setting.
  • Console screen vividness settings – standard or vivid.
  • USB keyboard support.
  • Can change the order of your accounts shown at the top of the home screen.
  • Calibrate control sticks and motion controls settings.
  • Test input device section.
  • All games look better.
  • All-round better more efficient performance.
  • My old grip/console wrap fits the OLED.
  • The d-pad feels a lot tighter and responsive.
  • The big kickstand feels more secure. I mean it’s the length of the actual console and the flip Hong can go all the way back!
  • The Dock has a much fancier back to it going for an artistic swoosh by the cables.
  • The whole back of the Dock comes off.
  • LAN port on the Dock.
  • Speakers give out a much better sound and I found I didn’t need the volume up as high.
  • Uses the same USB C port.
  • Old cables and controllers work with the new OLED model.
  • Our unboxing video shows all the contents.
  • Shorter boot-up time.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Console Review Cons:

  • Cannot use Bluetooth microphones.
  • Still only has light and dark themes.
  • No folder support for games.
  • I couldn’t just take out my SD card and put it in the new console as it was tied to my old console.
  • They haven’t completely eliminated the Joycon drift.
  • The whole back comes off the Dock.
  • The white parts can show dirt easier.
  • The light on the dock is a lot smaller.
  • No USB port on the back of the dock.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Console:

Official website.

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Store Links –

Nintendo official store

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On the surface, the OLED makes no sense if you already have a Nintendo Switch. Il be honest I thought that when it first got announced, I gave the Vita the same miss when that OLED came out but things have changed since then. OLED is honestly one of the best visual treats you can give your eyes and games. Any game looks crisper sharper than before and colors just simply pop out of the screen. The whole OLED part isn’t the only addition that makes the new Nintendo Switch a must-buy. You get 64GB internal memory, Bluetooth audio ready to go, the Dock has a LAN socket, plus you get new Joycons that are definitely tighter than before, and alright they don’t eliminate the drift issue but it goes some way to help. I really fell for the OLED switch because it’s everything I like about my old Switch but with so much more. Games look better, perform better, and are generally overall a big step up and to me it’s a more justifiable purchase than the Lite was way back then. Keep an eye out as more Nintendo Switch OLED content is gonna drop soon.

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